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How To Use and Buy A Folding Step Stool

How To Use & Buy A Folding Step Stool

How to Buy A Folding Step Stool

A folding step stool is one of the most useful pieces of furniture that you can have around the house.

When it’s time to change a light bulb or reach a high shelf in the closet, you don’t want to ruin your nice chairs by standing on them, or worry about your stability when you are up high. A folding step stool or step ladder is a much better choice.

There are several types of stools to choose from, depending on your needs.

Some stools are designed specifically for children. A kid folding step stool usually has just one step and allows toddlers and older kids to get a little bit higher so that they can reach the bathroom or kitchen countertop without requiring a parent’s help.

Flip stools are also a good choice for kids. They operate as a folding step stool, or you can flip the top back and turn them into a small chair for kids to sit on.

Adults might consider a single step model, a two-step model, or even a step ladder, depending on their specific needs. For something like a pantry, one step is usually plenty. But for changing a light bulb or dusting a ceiling fan, a two-step version or a step ladder is usually a better choice, because it gets you higher in the air.

Medical folding step stools are the kind that you often see in a doctor’s office, but they are useful for the home in some instances. For example, an elderly person might appreciate one with a handrail that allows them to keep a grip with one hand as they reach with the other.

Do you want your folding plastic step stool to fold up flat so that you can put it away? Or do you prefer a nicer looking wooden model that is attractive enough to leave out where you can see it? It really depends on personal preference.

As you can see, there are more things to consider when purchasing a folding step stool than you would really expect! I hope I’ve been helpful in going over the options with you.

Folding Step Stool

Folding Step Stool

Using a stool is a much more efficient way of getting to things. The most obvious reason is that is designed for such tasks. This means that it is nice and sturdy. It won’t wobble or sway while you’re reaching up for something. A lot of that can be attributed to the wide stance that helps provide all the support you need.

The other use of this is for children. I try to instill the values of responsibility in my children at an early stage. I want them to learn how to do the dishes, but they’re not tall enough to get up to the sink. A folding step stool is a perfect option. There will be absolutely no excuse for your child not to do the dishes and other things that a stool will be required for.

I know I don’t like seeing stools sitting around the kitchen or anywhere else. Traditionally there was nothing you could really do about this. Now that they have the folding feature, you can just fold up the stool and put it in the closet or somewhere out of the way.

You can get this in many different materials. There are types of stools that are very lightweight from the material used. This can make it easier to put it away. You can also get one that is heavier, which makes it much more sturdy and supportive. It is really your choice on what you’re looking for.

A folding step stool runs in the price range of $20 – $100+. It really depends on what type you get and how big it is, but there is a stool out there for just about everyone looking.

Places to use a Folding Step Stool

Places to Use a Folding Step Stool

Chipping the paintwork on a doorframe, or scuffing the wallpaper is so annoying, especially if you are only trying to change a lightbulb or reach something on top of a wardrobe. However, thanks to their versatility, folding step stools aren’t just useful for reaching things that are high up, they can be used almost anywhere in the home, or even in a caravan or boat.[article continues below] Because they fold up small and a made from tough, durable plastic, folding step stools are perfect for kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms. They can use them as a seat in their bedroom, or you can keep it tucked away somewhere to pull out when you need to reach things that are stored away. There are no hygiene issues with a folding step stool either as they are fully washable, so they can just be dunked in a bucket of disinfectant if necessary.

There are so many different uses for folding step stool, even if you don’t have an immediate need for one, it is worth buying one when you can as they will come in amazingly handy at some point in the future, and until then it can just be put away neatly, taking up hardly any space at all.  A folding step stool may be a small bit of furniture, but it is worth its weight in gold.

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