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Proxiad SEE – Software Transformation

Software outsourcing has been the golden goose of software companies in Eastern Europe for the past decade or two. Low corporate tax combined with extremely talented specialist has been the reason for why so many global giants decided to open offices in countries like Bulgaria or outsource their software development to local companies.

Like that begins the story of Proxiad SEE, a company established in Bulgaria to help businesses reshape industries through digital transformation. Over the 15+ years the company has been operating it accumulated a vast wealth of experience and one of the brightest software specialists from the region.

Its clients feature prominent companies from all over the world in the fintech, public transport and many other industries. Digital banking and digital transport are just some of the applications that the Proxiad SEE teams have been working on.

And yet, as the trends in the software industry are constantly changing, so did Proxiad SEE. Most software companies in Eastern Europe realized that having such an amazing pool of talented people is a foundation of developing their own software products and systems. Proxiad SEE is one of these forward thinking companies.

Introducing GROW

Grow is a performance management solution aimed at small and medium businesses. Such systems are irreplaceable for HR professionals and team leader in order to set and manage goals for the team and its members, manage workflow and synchronize team effort, especially with the rise of remote work.

The platform provides extreme flexibility, allowing managers to set tasks with corresponding priority as well as managing goals and engagement. The Proxiad team provides options for further customization if any of the clients require such.

Introducing Desk Buddy

Desk Buddy is an awesome workplace management application that was developed with the hybrid workplace idea in mind. Since many companies offer employees to work either from home or the office, they do not need big office spaces. Many companies at present do not have the option to fit all of their workforce, should they decide to come to work all at once.

Desk Buddy maps out your entire office space, together with every single workstation, conference room and even parking spaces. After that, the application allows your employees to book the required features for a specific date or period. All of that with the use of a user friendly mobile app.

Proxiad SEE has taken its first steps to becoming a product company like so many others in the region. Its products seem to tackle the issues of modern companies and time will tell whether they will develop and become successful.

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