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Sneak peak outside : Kids Games

Ever heard that high tech kids in today’s era actually like to divert from the smart operators to some desi Street games?

Yes, they like to play some outdoor games leaving their smart devices behind, going around the streets, making new friends, and worrying less about hygiene.

So how can you introduce your kids to play outside away from the comfort of some relaxing mattresses?

Kids Games

As there is no room for boredom in today’s generation :

  1. Outdoor games must be interactive and engaging.
  2. They must be framed in a room full of creativity
  3. Outdoor games must be unique from the smart tech kids

Some of the get along ideas to play outside with your kid :

1. Statue on the way

In this by mutual agreement, it’s decided on who will go first.

As the person says the statue, everyone has to remain still in their positions till the time the person announces to run.

The smallest movement and you will lose.

2. Kids Games: Treasure hunt

In this, you can hide a few things out in a big ground and ask your child to find them in a given time frame.

This will enhance your child’s ability to do things and also improve the concept of speed, accuracy, and time management in their life.

3. Go rush to get the bone!

Divide two teams of children with some distance between them

Keep a ball, packet of chocolate, or even a bean bag in the center.

Ask one child from each team to run and grab the item placed in between the teams and then return back to the position to win.

Kids games

The team with maximum winners will be announced as the wear.

Make your child eager to participate. Are you yourself ready to grab the items? I am. So let’s do this together.

These are just some of the games for kids are something which we require very often. Chalk can also be enough to create endless games for kids. A race track, hide and seek with some unheard twists, scratchy techniques can be very handy outside games for kids.

Do share your experience in the comments section below!


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