The Benefits Of Artificially Produced Diamonds


At one time the only way to find a diamond was to hope you would be one of the lucky few as you chipped your way inch by inch through hard stone in a diamond mine. Diamonds were only formed deep within the Earth at nearly unimaginable temperatures and pressures, then spewed up with volcanic magma to depths at which we could find them.

Now things have changed, and a modern diamond factory can produce artificial stones that are practically indistinguishable from a real diamond birthed within the Earth. These lab-grown diamonds are becoming very popular now that people have begun to understand their many benefits, such as accessibility and lower prices, while still maintaining all the alluring qualities of an actual precious stone. If you are someone with an entrepreneurial mind then you might be interested in the business possibilities that lab-grown diamond jewellery can offer, so let’s learn more about them!

Although manufactured diamonds have been in existence since the 1950s, they were mostly utilized for industrial purposes, like diamond cutters and drills. The lab-grown diamond market is still relatively new and constantly evolving, but much headway has been made in establishing artificial diamonds as a suitable alternative for the real thing in the jewellery trade.

It’s very important to note that artificial diamonds are ethically sourced, eliminating the necessity for environmentally destructive mining operations that also took a terrible toll in human lives, the famed “blood diamonds” of Africa being one example of this tragedy. Ecologically sustainable and socially responsible products are currently enjoying a growing consumer demand.

Of course, among the biggest perks of lab-grown diamonds are that they are much more affordable than natural diamonds extracted from mines, making the luxury of wearing one accessible to more people, especially those on a budget who simply can’t afford a big expenditure on a luxury item. This high level of affordability has given rise to a vast market opportunity for entrepreneurs!

Lab-grown artificial diamonds are highly consistent in their level of quality and lack the many flaws that are commonly found in mined diamonds. This high level of assured quality is very pleasing to the customer.

It took millions of years under extreme conditions to produce nature’s diamonds, and the bad news is, much like fossil fuels, the supply of readily accessible stones is beginning to dry up, and it will take another few million years to produce more of them!

On the other hand, it is possible to produce lab-grown or synthetic diamonds in just a few days or weeks in a factory! The diamonds grown artificially are both sustainable and eco-friendly. They are manufactured in a carefully monitored environment to ensure they cause no negative impacts on the environment. Because of these factors, artificial diamonds are becoming more accepted by discerning customers and even desired over their natural cousins because of their affordability and environmentally friendly footprint.

The Australian Government’s Geoscience Australia has a great deal of information on diamonds, both natural and artificial. If what you are hearing about manufactured diamonds sounds interesting to you, we urge you to learn more so that you might one day join those who profit from their trade!

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