The great Craig McMillan


Craig McMillan, also known as “Macca”, is one of many fantastic cricket players that have emerged from New Zealand. At this moment you can try the casino real money app from 1xBet, which is a great software to explore while you wait for other great cricketers from New Zealand.

Born on September 13, 1976, in Otago, New Zealand, McMillan’s journey in the world of cricket is a compelling story of a hard-hitting batsman. But, in addition to being an excellent cricketer with the bat in his hands, he was also a versatile player, as well as a figure who contributed significantly to the Kiwi cricketing landscape.

McMillan’s cricketing journey kicked off with Canterbury in New Zealand’s domestic circuit back in 1994. Here his aggressive batting and handy medium-pace bowling quickly caught the eye. Those great performances led to his participation in other 3 teams, which were:

  • Gloucestershire;
  • Hampshire;
  • and the New Zealand national team.

You can download the real money app from the 1xBet casino, which is perfect to use while you wait for matches of those teams too. His performances at the domestic level soon paved the way for his international debut in 1997. This marked the beginning of what would be a significant career for New Zealand on the international stage.

Known for his fearless approach at the crease, McMillan became renowned for his ability to change the complexion of a match with his aggressive stroke-play. He was particularly effective in the One Day International (ODI) format. In this variation of the game, McMillan’s hard-hitting style and rapid scoring rate made him an integral part of New Zealand’s batting lineup. He had the knack for taking on bowlers and accelerating the scoring rate, making him a vital piece of New Zealand’s middle order.

McMillan’s ODI career was dotted with remarkable performances, including a sensational 117 against Australia in 2007. At the time, this was the fastest century by a New Zealander in ODIs. He was also a key player in New Zealand’s 2003 World Cup campaign, helping the team reach the semi-finals with his explosive batting.

Playing Test matches and other aspects of his career

In Test cricket, McMillan showcased a more nuanced side to his game. He could adapt his style to play longer, more patient innings, displaying a versatility that marked him out as a multifaceted batsman. His memorable Test innings, like the 142 against Pakistan in 2001, were testaments to his ability to excel in the longer format. When betting on cricket through the 1xBet platform, you will also have the opportunity to wager on entertaining Test matches too.

Beyond his batting, McMillan was a useful medium-pace bowler. Though not primarily known for his bowling, he had a talent for breaking partnerships and providing crucial breakthroughs. This all-around ability added significant value to the New Zealand team, offering them greater flexibility and depth.

McMillan was also an agile fielder, known for his athleticism and strong arm. His presence in the outfield was a deterrent to batsmen looking to score quick runs, and his accurate throws often led to run-outs. For all those reasons, Macca was a highly versatile player that was very useful for all the teams where he played. The 1xBet platform allows bettors to make bets on cricket on other players that display this kind of adaptability too.

Off the pitch, McMillan was known for his straightforward approach to the sport. He was a complete team player, who was also respected in the dressing room for his commitment and willingness to put the team’s needs in 1st place.

Following his retirement from international cricket, McMillan didn’t stray far from the game he loves. He transitioned into coaching and commentary, bringing his deep understanding of the game to these roles. As New Zealand’s batting coach, he played a significant role in enhancing the team’s batting prowess, especially in limited-overs cricket.

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