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Ait Bouguemez

The happy valley in Morocco- Ait Bouguemez

The happy valley in Morocco

There are so many things you can do while visiting Morocco. There are many options for how to spend your vacation in this beautiful country that offer several varied tours and activities. If you are into nature and hiking, visiting Ait Bougmez valley, the happy valley in Morocco should definitely be on your top list. Ait Bouguemez valley is situated in182km from Marrakech, It is a park of Geopark Mgoun that attracts mountain tourism for many activities that can offer. Ait Bouguemez Valley is a beautiful valley in the High Atlas Moroccan; it’s 182km northeast of Marrakech. At its core are its majestic peaks (the region is, after all, mostly mountainous). Here we can find the authentic Berber villages, the highest peak of the Mgoun 4068m, the stunning Ouzoud waterfalls, the red valley of Ait Bou Oulli and Imi N Ifri rock formation…

From Marrakech, you can drive and discover Ouzoud waterfalls on your way, Imi n Ifri and the red valley of Ait Boulli. For the extended Morocco tour, there are opportunities to drive to the valley of roses or to Zaouit Ahnsal once you had a wonderful time in Ait Bouguemez valley. The recently paved road that crosses Tizi n Ait Imi made it possible to connect between these two amazing valleys in the High Atlas mountains.

Ait Bouguemez is the gateway to Atlas mountains, a popular destination for mountaineering expeditions. The breath-taking beauty of this valley far outweighs the tough conditions one might have to endure. While it’s beautiful all the year round, with apple trees, potatoes, corn, and wheat fields you can find it snow covered in the coldest months which is between December and March. The hospitality of locals has a warm effect on every visitor who is seeking a mountain adventure in Morocco.

Marrakech to Ait Bouguemez what to see?

  • Ouzoud waterfalls: This is a popular tourist destination from Marrakech 150km northeast worth exploring on your way to Ait Bouguemez valley. The waterfalls offer a walking visit to the bottom of Oued Laabid with the stunning view of the 110meters waterfall. Often You can observe the Barbary apes wander around the shaded path.
  • Imi N Ifri: Situated 6km from Demnate, this beautiful geologic formation of limestone and dolomites is worth discovering while you are on your way to Ait Bouguemez
  • Ait Bouli: Besides the two sights above, the road to the valley has an amazing landscape of the red soil in Ait BoulLi, stopping to take some pictures would be great on such a mountain road.
  • Azilal village: however this small town is not that famous as a tourist destination, it can be amazing to walk around during the day of Market to see and learn about the local life in this region

Things to do in Ait Bouguemez valley:

1-Go hiking or walking : 

Trekking in Morocco is a widely famous activity, especially in the Atlas mountains. Ait Bouguemz valley has offered mountain lovers some of the best itineraries especially for those who want to hike the Mgoun summit, the second highest peak in Morocco with 4068m altitude, or towards the Zaouit Ahnsal and Taghia gorges. in addition to long trekking trips, taking a walk to visit the Sidi Moussa Granary is a must, while you do some exercise, enjoying the fresh air, the view in Sidi Moussa towards the valley is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking.

Walking in the valley can be just to explore its amazing villages and fields, in a peaceful environment. You can discover more about the local market in Tabant every Sunday or visit a local house.

2-Visit the Dinosaur footprints in Ait Bougmez:

If you have enough time to walk in the valley, the Dinosaur footprints in Ait Bouguemez be a glimpse of the prehistory of the region. A walk for an hour or a drive for 20 minutes crossing the center of Tabant will lead you to these giant tracks of both carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs that are estimated to be about 185 million years old.

3-Bike in Ait Bougmez valley:

Biking is not a very famous activity in the valley, however, it’s great to bike through the Berber villages and fields while exercising your passion.

4- Homestay in the valley of Ait Bouguemez:

Homestay is a way to get more connected with local life, it allows you to share wonderful memories in every place you visit, learn about the lifestyle, and get involved in the daily activities with a family. You can do Homestay in the High Atlas mountains with Berber nomads in this region. During the summer months, The last nomads in Morocco camp on top of the valley and offer a very authentic experience for the travelers.

4: Visit lake Izoughar

Most of the trekking trips in Morocco would cross this isolated lake on their way to Zaouit Ahnsal while camping beside the lake can be a charming night. the walk to the lake takes over 4 hours following the valley of Ait Bouguemez. Izoughar lake host also nomads during summer, grazing their goats and sheep while camping around the lake. The snow in winter can make this lake frozen and offer a unique landscape in this harsh yet beautiful Atlas mountains.

Where to stay in the valley of Ait Bouguemez:

For trekking in Ait Bouguemez, most of the guided trips offer camping options in different parts of the valley, especially if you decided to make it a full Mgoun trekking trip. Camping here would let you get more in touch with nature and the wildlife in the valley. If you love camping Ait Bouguemez will be a WOW place to spend the night under the stars.

Guesthouses or “Gite d’etapes” are one of the best accommodations you will find in the valley, offering a warm bed with a hot shower and basic services. For hikers, it is a great way to spend a night while experiencing the lifestyle in this region and get ready for a trekking trip to Mgoun or Elsewhere. In general, it costs between 15 to 40 Euros per night. Some accommodations like Ecolodge Touda may offer some of the best services in the valley.

Marrakech to Ait Bouguemez valley 2 days trip:

Itinerary Marrakech to Ait Bouguemez 2 days trip:

Day1: Marrakech – Ouzoud- Azilal – Ait Bouguemez

Day2: Ait bouguemez – Ait Bouli – Imi n Ifri – Marrakech

Exotic tour from Marrakech to Ait Bouguemez valley, get in touch with the nature of the High Atlas mountains, discover the beautify of Ouzoud waterfalls, explore Imi N Ifri with a local guide while driving through the unique landscape of the Moroccan mountains. 2 days trip from Marrakech to the Atlas mountains offer opportunities for hiking and lifestyle exploring.

With 2 days trip from Marrakech to Ait Bouguemez, we venture into the snaking roads of the Atlas mountains, you can see the main highlights of the region, although more time allows you to explore further. Here is our two days trip itinerary from Marrakech, with options to extend your visit if you have more time.

Venture into the snaking roads of the Atlas mountains, you can see the main highlights of the region, although more time allows you to explore further. Here is our two days trip itinerary from Marrakech, with options to extend your visit if you have more time.

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