The Real “Magic Pill”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a pill that would magically transform your body from soft, fluffy and downright fat, to lean, trim (as you were at age 19) and as “in shape” as the guy or gal who models underwear for Calvin Klein? That’s human nature – to seek the easy way, the fast way, the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, there is no “magic pill” – a single tablet that melts away body fat, unveiling the true you – someone who can at any age look absolutely amazing.

The good news is that exercise (specifically, the right kind of exercise) can serve as a sort of “magic pill” to revamp your metabolism – the calorie-burning metabolic engine in your body that allows you to burn calories and body fat, even when you are sleeping or just sitting around. That’s right, when you embark on the right kind of exercise, it works like magic within the body. Not only does it burn calories while you are doing the actual exercise in the gym – but more importantly, it also changes the way your body metabolizes food all day and night long. It makes the body inefficient at storing body fat.

You may seem to gain fat simply by looking at food (many think there is some truth to that idea! The right exercise coaxes your body to burn fat all day long. In short, exercise really can become a magic influence on your body, changing the way your body burns calories and ultimately the way you look.

The Right Exercise – Hi-Intensity 3 (HIT3)

 Is all exercise the same? No, not even close. Take walking as an example. Sure, walking is a great form of initial exercise for the extremely overweight individual or the person who might want to take the first step toward getting into shape. There is something dramatically better. Is it running? Is running the magic form of exercise? It may be considered better than walking, but that’s still not it. How about stair climbing, aerobic classes or spinning classes? You would think one of these has to be the magic pill, right? Wrong.

In the misguided effort to lose body fat, millions of people waste countless hours every week performing the wrong kind of exercise with little to show for it in visible results. To a limited degree, all types of exercise do help burn calories and possibly some unwanted fat (also improve cardiovascular health), but none is nearly as effective in burning fat, increasing lean muscle, altering natural hormone production to support the fat-burning metabolism, and keeping body fat away permanently as progressive, high-intensity weight training when properly performed as specified by my HIT3 workout system. If you want to get lean, burn fat, control fat-storing hormones and revamp your metabolic rate, you must focus on a proper, high-intensity weight training program.

What about Aerobic Exercises

Conventional wisdom says that aerobic exercise is the ideal way to get into shape, which present research has dispelled as a myth. It’s difficult to convince people of this, however, until they take the time to understand the science behind fat metabolism, and the greater effects that three 45-minute sessions per week of HIT3 weight training will have on the body. The truth is, nothing beats HIT3 weight training, the magic pill that is the stimulus, the main factor, and the foundation that allows your body to rapidly reduce, change it from fat and soft to extremely lean and trim in the shortest timeframe possible.

Not just any type of weight training/lifting, however, is an automatic magic pill, able to set your metabolic engine into high gear. HIT3 workout principles dictate that weight training has to be specific, properly performed and of a high-intensity nature. By HIT3 intensity, I mean that each exercise must be carried to the point of muscular fatigue, which will include the use of as many muscle fibres as possible, that compose the muscle group being exercised. Exercising in this fashion, making extreme demands on every major muscle group of the body, will awaken muscle cells that were hardly used before, causing them to make energy demands on your system, thereby increasing your metabolism.

HIT3: The True Benefits

During an intense HIT3 exercise session, as each muscle is being worked and contracted under stress, the energy requirements can increase up to 100 times. HIT3 weight training makes the most demands on energy expenditure. For this reason, people involved in my training burn substantially more calories than any other people performing other forms of exercise. One of the most important and intriguing benefits of exercise is that you can continue burning extra calories even after your workout is over. The greater your workout intensity was, the more energy your body will need to recuperate, repair and restore its vital energy (glycogen and protein).

The Power of Resistance and Muscle Fatigue

HIT3 exercise guiding principles dictate that each repetition of each exercise has to be performed in a manner that recruits as many muscle fibres that compose the muscle group as possible. How do you maximize the involvement of all muscle fibres in a muscle, thereby taxing the muscle to the greatest degree possible, leading to quick gains in lean muscle and a newly charged metabolism? By performing each exercise using sufficient resistance and taking each set to the point of muscular fatigue – where you can’t perform even a single additional repetition. The point where your muscles literally give up and say, “I quit.”

By performing each set of exercise to concentric and eccentric muscular fatigue, and then finishing the set with isometric static contractions, you will achieve total muscular failure. Only this will recruit the greatest number of muscle fibres possible within the muscle group, resulting in maximum stimulation and progress. Working each muscle in this manner will mean that as many muscle fibres as possible have been stimulated. HIT3 exercise with maximal effort allows you to get the most out of your workouts, causing your body to rapidly change, making greater improvements than any other form of exercise.

The Verdict

HIT3 workouts produce an instant metabolic response. In sedentary people who do not exercise, very little muscle glycogen is required to carry out daily tasks. Inactive muscle tissue has limited capacity to store glycogen. It stands to reason that diet in excess carbohydrates would cause a sedentary person to store body fat. However, the combination of HIT3 exercise and proper nutrition as I advocate in my Shredded Nutrition program (carbohydrate/protein/fats ratio) can have a dramatic effect on our muscle cells’ ability to burn more energy (glycogen and fats) and increase the muscles’ need to store greater amounts of glycogen in anticipation of future work (exercise). HIT3 EXERCISE IS THE MAGIC PILL.

John Robert Cardillo Is a Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, Workout expert and Fitness Entrepreneur. Cardillo is regarded as a pioneer of Hi-Intensity training and developed the HIT3 workout system, and the proprietary SHREDDED NUTRITION diet program.

Cardillo is the founder of TRANSFORMATION MASTERY, an educational system that incorporates HIT3 workout system and SHREDDED NUTRITION diet.

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