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Tips to maintain commercial refrigerators


In the food industry, commercial refrigerators are a significant and most indispensable investment for business owners. Naturally, as with any other gadget or appliance that we use daily, commercial refrigerators are also bound to face depreciation and encounter problems.

However, regular maintenance of your commercial refrigerators can delay depreciation and keep it in good working condition for longer.

Regularly clean from inside & out

A refrigerator covered with fingerprints, dirt, and the spill can make the rest of the kitchen look dingy and unappealing. So, it is essential to clean the refrigerators regularly from inside and out. To clean the fridge from the inside, remove all the inventory items, shelves, and drawers and wash with warm soapy water and set them aside to dry.

Don’t forget to clean the fridge from outside such as the handle and door surroundings, where germs can build up through frequent contact with hands.

Inspect Door Gaskets

Refrigerators rely on a rubber gasket of the door, which keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. Sometime when a door does not close properly or open up on its own, the problem can be a dirt or malfunctioning seal.

Inspect your freezer’s door gaskets every month to make sure the gasket is doing its job. Replace the gasket, if it is not sealing properly. You can also buy a gasket replacement kit or get the job done by a professional service like commercial freezer repairs Brisbane.

Monitor Temperature & Cycling

If you notice the compressor that makes the cold air and the fan that distributes it are operational but fluctuating, it may be due to thermostat readout that has become inaccurate, or there may be some cooling issue.

To ensure the trouble, unplug the fridge and check the temperature. If it is lower than 38 degrees F, call a professional service like commercial freezer repairs Brisbane to fix the problem.

Clean the condenser

Refrigerator condenser coils are found on the back or bottom of your fridge. If there is a lot of dirt or dust on the coils, the refrigerator will require more energy to cool your food and can eventually breakdown.

The condenser fan needs to move freely, so remove the dust particles with a stiff brush or vacuum cleaner that might be blocking the blade’s movement. Also, check for any wear & tear on the motor or blades and if they are damaged, replace them. You can also use a multimeter to check the motor continuity.

Keep Evaporator coil clean

Like condenser, the evaporator coil is also a crucial part of a refrigerator. It absorbs the warm air and keeps the food cool and fresh. With the time, dirt and dust tends to blanket over evaporative coils, which make the fridge unable to cool properly, or it usually stops working.

To keep it clean, scrub with a brush or wipe with the wet cloth. You can also use a multimeter to check the motor to ensure continuity.

Check air filters

The air filters are one of the most problematic areas and get easily blocked. These are designed to remove bad tastes and odors using a combination of sediment and carbon filtration.

Also, if you have your refrigerator placed in the kitchen or prep area, it will attract dust and grease, which can damage the air filters.

Regularly check the air filters of your freezers. If any problem occurs, try to remove the gunk with a vacuum cleaner or brush, or you can also contact any commercial freezer repairs service.

Cover Acidic Foods

Most food items contribute to spoilage. Foods such as tomatoes and pickles emit acids. However, covering highly acidic foods can stop the spreading of cross-contamination. You can store your entire refrigerated inventory in plastic non-corrosive containers and use lids that seal well.

Keep it Dry

Refrigeration involves moisture, but too much dampness can spoil your freezer, thus resulting to early breakdown.

To evade early breakdown, you should not only wipe up your refrigerator’s shelve or surface but should also check moisture buildups at least once a week.

General maintenance

Rather than the points mentioned above, there are a lot of other preventative maintenance points that can help in keeping your commercial freezer well.

Regularly inspect and maintain your commercial refrigerators to ensure it is working safely and efficiently. In addition, check the seals of the doors, ice in the freezer, compressor operation, wiring and electrical connections, water lines, dispensers, temperature, fan motors, and many more.

Final words

Make use of the tips mentioned above if you want to maintain your commercial refrigerators. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your refrigerators can improve the efficiency and maintenance of your energy bill.

If you still spot any potential problem with your commercial freezer in Brisbane during a routine check, get help from the expert commercial freezer repairs Brisbane.


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