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Top 10 Tips for buying Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors

In recent years, glass shower doors have become extremely popular. They bring exceptional design and elegance to your bathroom. They have grown in popularity to the point that it’s almost impossible to find a contemporary bathroom without one. Their design superiority and functional brilliance make shower enclosures a must-have for every bathroom. The interior design experts make it a point to incorporate clear enclosures in the bathroom interiors. There are different types and styles of glass enclosures designed to suit different sets of interior requirements. Whether you are up to remodeling your bathroom or building one from scratch, make sure to integrate the excellence of clear enclosures. However, there are some things that you should consider while investing in a shower enclosure. We will share some tips for buying the right glass shower doors for your bathroom.

1.    Firstly, Define a Reasonable Budget  

Budget is at the core of any project that you start. A clear budget can save you a lot of time. It will keep you focused on finding the right glass shower door enclosure within the defined budget and many people believe that a walk-in shower is very expensive because of its luxurious appearance. However, the average walk in shower cost is much less expensive than you might think.

In order to set a budget, consider the cost of the glass enclosure, necessary hardware, and labor cost.  Make sure to do some research on how much a shower enclosure costs, and what type of enclosure would suit your bathroom interior best, and determine the budget accordingly. You can also take online project quotes from glass fabricators. This will give you an idea of the project expenses.


2.    Take Shower Measurements with Absolute Precision


Precise measurements play a key role in choosing the right glass shower door. Even a slight difference in the glass shower door size would render it unfit for your shower area. So, measure the length, width, and height of the shower proper before going on to the glass doors shopping spree. To make sure the right size, measure the width at its broadest point. Double-check the measurements and note the figures down for reference. It’s better to take assistance from a professional for taking shower measurements.


3.    Determine the Right Location for Shower Glass Installation



The location of the shower area also influences the type of shower enclosure and door that you are planning to have. For instance, a hinged or swinging door would be suitable for you if your shower area is located such that the door operation is easy. Corner showers may not have as much space for a door as a shower in the center of the wall. Similarly, for sliding doors, the shower area should have more horizontal space. So, analyze your bathroom space and decide where you intend to install the enclosure.


4.    Take the Space Constraints into Consideration 


It’s tempting to choose the mighty enclosures when going for a new shower enclosure hunt. But this approach would actually cause many problems when it comes time to install and practically use it. Make sure to stick with your measurements and choose the right enclosure style to complement the bathroom interior.

Make sure not to get a shower door that is excessively big, tall, or deep. If you don’t have a large bathroom, try not to go too big with your shower ideas. Similarly, if your bathroom is quite large, do choose tiny enclosures as they may appear odd.


5.    Keep the Interior Aesthetics in View


You will have plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect glass shower enclosure. However, it’s best to identify your style and proceed with it. Consider the bathroom interior. If you have an uber minimalistic contemporary interior, choose a frameless enclosure. But if you are channeling your vintage self in the bathroom interior, you can pick a framed bronze glass enclosure to reinforce the interior theme. Make sure to choose the details that enhance your bathroom interior design.


6.    Choose the Right Enclosure Based on Operation Mechanism



Some people prefer quick cold showers while others find relief in long warm baths. It is important to consider your preferences before investing in the enclosure. If you are a bath person, you would require a bathtub. But if you mostly use the shower, a standing shower enclosure would do. You can also choose the bathtub shower combo to keep the options open for yourself.


7.    Select the Shower Door Design According to Your Preferences


A wide variety of shower doors are available in the market. Some have a sliding mechanism while others swing open. Some showers also feature a fixed-door style. So, it’s totally up to you and your style preferences to choose the glass door style. The given bathroom space also defines the type of shower door that you can install in the bathroom. Explore the available door designs, understand the operating mechanisms and space requirements and choose the right style for your space.


8.    Shower Glass Should be Solid and Sturdy 


In addition to the design and style of the shower enclosure, there are a lot of options for glass type as well. Although there are multiple glass options, all glass shower doors must be designed with safety glazing. Tempered glass is a popular choice for glass shower doors. Tempered glass is strong and it shatters into small pellets instead of sharp shards so it is a safe choice for everyday use. It is available in many different designs, textures, and colors.


Another popular choice is laminated glass.  It is less commonly used as compared to toughened glass. But it is a super-solid choice for glass shower doors as it is practically unbreakable.


9.    Give Attention to Details by Picking the Right Shower hardware


Shower door hardware can be as unique as the enclosure itself. But make sure to choose the hardware that complements the shower enclosure as well as the other bathroom fixtures. Shower door knobs, towel bars, shower foot scrubbers, and showerheads should all be coordinated to create an aesthetic space. The track and handle coatings on most glass shower doors can be changed. This can range from nickel to bronze to chrome to a variety of different materials. Make sure that all of the components are in sync.


10.  Take the Functional Value of the Glass Enclosure Into Account

The bathroom is a heavy traffic area of the house.  Many people are using it at the same time. So it’s better to invest in materials that can survive repeated use. When selecting the appropriate glass shower enclosure, make it a point to choose the materials that are resistant to daily wear and tear. Also, keep in mind that the shower enclosure you select must be easy to use for everyone in the house. From small children to the elderly, everyone could use it easily. So, consider the preferences accordingly. Whether a waterfall shower head would be easy to use or a high-pressure single spray head, decide according to the users to make the most out of your investments.

 In concluding the discussion, 

There are a number of factors that affect your choice of the right glass shower. But you can’t go wrong if you keep the list of considerations in mind. from glass types and coatings to door styles, it mostly depends on your preferences. So, factor in your personal design preferences while keeping the space and budget constraints in mind.


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