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Top 5 Ophthalmology EHR Software


The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. An ophthalmologist is a person who treats all the eye-related diseases and performs eye surgeries when required. He is in charge of providing all the prescriptions and medications. 

EHR Software for Ophthalmology 

The demand for EHR software in the medical field has been increasing day by day. It provides so much ease to the healthcare providers and does many of their tasks by itself. A good ophthalmology EHR software benefits the ophthalmologist immensely. Some of the Ophthalmology EHR software features that can help ophthalmologists are as follows

Eye graphics

This feature enables the doctor to see a visual representation of his condition which helps him make his decision quicker and understand the problem better. 

Prescription and coding

Recommending prescriptions and CPT codes is something that a good EHR software should be able to do. 

Ophthalmology templates

The software should offer ophthalmology specific templates for all the conditions like ocular surgery, cataracts, blurred vision, etc. 

Eye care device integration

It’s very important to have an EHR that can merge with the machines used for eye care like visual field machines, keratometers, etc. This helps in keeping the workplace very efficient. 

Besides, a good Ophthalmology EMR software should have other features like record keeping, medical history of the patient, automated reminders, e-prescriptions, and lab testing. 

Top 5 Software for Ophthalmology

RevolutionEHR software

Revolution EHR software is built in a way that it caters to the needs of opticians and ophthalmologists. It not only makes the workflow streamline but also, provides so many outstanding ophthalmology specific features. This software eliminates the use of paper and makes sure that all the data and records are being managed well and being saved. It also tackles most of the IT-related problems that ophthalmologists face. 

Compulink Healthcare Solutions

Compulink Healthcare Solutions was established in 1985 and has been in business ever since. Its EHR software is designed to cater to many specialties especially Ophthalmology. Its excellent features make it one of the best Ophthalmology specific EHR software. It has a very intuitive nature that helps ophthalmologists with multiple tasks that are usually time-consuming and complicated to handle manually. 


AdvancedMD EHR is a famous and well-known software when it comes to Ophthalmology. It has all the features that ophthalmologists require and it’s so easy to use and manage. It is recommended by many eye care doctors who are currently using this software in their organizations. Other than all the features that are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of ophthalmologists, it also features that can be used for other things like record-keeping and billing. It is very updated and modern EHR software that can do wonders once you get a hang of it. 

EyeFinity EHR software

EyeFinity EHR software is a cloud-based software that has excellent features to accommodate single as well as multi-location practices. This software allows patients to update their medical history, provides an ease to the doctors, eliminates the need for paper, sends automated reminders and messages, saves a lot of time, and increases efficiency. It’s  and is a very smart EHR software. Entering data, understanding, and rated among the best EHR software for eye care. It offers all the other eye care specific services customization, accessing data, and finding out the medical history of patients takes no time and is super simple. It’s user friendly and beginner-friendly. 


eClinicalWorks was established in 1999. Its EHR software has been providing its services to thousands and thousands of doctors and is also rated among the best EHR software for ophthalmologists. It’s known for its ease of use and has made the work of all the doctors very efficient and super manageable. It has all the features that a good EHR software should have. It is recommended by many doctors who are using this software and are beginner-friendly. eClinicalWork makes the workplace streamlined, efficient, increases productivity, and also, helps ophthalmologists with all the ophthalmology related tasks.


For Ophthalmology EMR software free demo and reviews, you can visit  Software Finder – Software Reviews and Recommendations. Many healthcare providers have given their honest opinions here. 


Ophthalmology EMR software pricing is usually the same for most of the EHR software and doesn’t have much price difference but most of them are expensive. 

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