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Top 7 Updated Mobile SEO Trends in 2021

It’s time to have an annual look for SEO professionals in 2021.

If you want TLDR, here it is from Lily Ray, the SEO Director of Path Interactive:

“Above all, an SEO strategy should start by putting yourself in the user’s comfort and asking yourself if the contents are truly valuable, the brand is trustworthy, and the website is easy to use (especially on mobile).”

That’s true! But there’s much more to consider for SEO in 2021.

So what kind of SEO Trends 2020 and strategies work and help you to dominate the SERPs and earn money in 2021?

This is the question that people ask every year in the Search Engine Journal.

Here are the top 7 trends according to experts that you should know for 2020.

1. BERT Algorithm

BERT is an algorithm of Google that mainly focuses on the user’s intent, especially on the search queries.

In other words, Google tries to offer the best content for its users, which means if you want a higher rank in the search engine results pages, then you should consider these factors before publishing your content.

  • Amazing content

This is the content that draws maximum attention from the viewers. The content creators must join the platform of creating amazing content for their viewers.

  • Relevant content

This type of content is associated with something related topic. For example, if you are looking for a review of a mobile phone, you can also go for its pros and cons without any problem. The content creators should know better for influencing their viewers with relevant ideas for their searched items.

  • Content that answers user queries

Many users are seeking answers by searching online. Well, you have to be very optimistic at this point. Sufficient information regarding the queries of the viewers can do the job for you.

Given below are certain things that should be absolutely considered while creating the content.

  • Provide your audience with content that answers their needs and queries.
  • Avoid increasing the keyword density and focus on the readability and quality of the content.
  • Use long-tail keywords that can be optimized for the search voice.

Therefore, BERT is the latest 2020 SEO Trends that you should consider.

2. Latest Google SERP Feature

A SERP is a result of Google’s Search Engine Result Page apart from the traditional result. Some of the common SERP features are:

  • Rich Snippets that add some visualization to an existing result (e.g. review stars for product ratings)
  • Paid results are usually bought by bidding keywords (e.g., AdWords or Google shopping).
  • Universal results appear in place of normal results (e.g., image results, new results, and featured snippets).
  • Knowledge graph data that appear on panels (for e.g. weather, celebrity knowledge panel)

The usage of SERP features is increasing as marketers optimize their websites to allow Google to crawl web pages and find out relevant information that is searched by users.

3. Audience and User Intent

What is the audience?

As per the traditional marketing structure, you probably want to build customers by using demographic data like age, gender, geographic location, income level, etc.

But in search, we don’t have access to data for people who visit the site.

A search expert, it is our job to understand applying Latest SEO Trends and speak directly for motivation.

The user intent brings us to the second key factor for building search audience profiles: aligning intent and messaging.

If you understand the query’s intent, you can know where in the funnel the searchers are.

Intent that is commonly applied to queries includes informational, transnational, and navigational breakdowns that can be customized, including mixed intents or account for industry nuances.

4. Google Word Trends

The data on Google trends is very important.

There are unique Latest SEO Trends for those who want to go beyond just a basic search.

The key factor is to stick with queries until you find the insights, even if they aren’t always available.

Google 2020 SEO Trends are a valuable tool for a marketer.

You can use Google Trends to:

  • Find out what is recently trending.
  • Identify the trending topics or subtopics that are within the industry or overarching theme.
  • Discover geographic search trends that are local to your area.

5. Mobile Optimization

Mobile SEO 2021 is the best way that you should consider to develop your websites.

The number of mobile users will only increase in the future, and hence Google recommends producing websites that offer high-quality in every device. It is much important to have consistent content across all platforms, from mobile to desktops.

With the help of mobile optimization, a web developer is programming the website that matches your device. How these tricks do work? Well, web developers take their time to enhance the user experience of the website. Believe it or not, nowadays, many people are using mobiles to surf the internet.

Without the help of a mobile, well, this becomes quite impossible. Many websites and their companies are earning so much from web traffic. How! The better optimization of your website results in more traffic for your company.

Optimized content can manipulate accordingly from the access device. The website will show its result depending on the device you use. If you are a mobile user, then it will adjust itself as usual.

While creating websites, Google crawls that it should be fit to view from mobile and desktops. When it is said that Google looks for mobile-first indexing, it doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t look for desktop versions.

Google recommends that the website must be mobile-friendly; it prefers those websites that are optimized for mobile viewing more than the websites that are not mobile-friendly.

It is a good SEO Trends 2020 if you choose to make a responsive mobile version of your website.

6. Social Media

More than half of Americans are smartphone users, and more and more businesses are providing mobile-friendly improving Mobile SEO 2021 websites day by day. The increased use of mobile phones is very beneficial for small businesses.

Most of the major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest offer free mobile apps that increase near business and manage their presence on the go. Small and micro businesses can build their empire via social media. This sounds interesting, isn’t it?

With its uses, you are worthy to communicate with the mass people without any contact. You can reach any point on this earth via social media. Many business firms are looking for different opportunities to increase their growth via social platforms. Well, it’s only possible when you choose different social networks to reach your customers.

These apps help the people and the users to connect with their favourite sites whenever they want. These users share their updates and look for businesses, services, and products to connect with other brands through social media channels. The communication between you and your viewers is important. Well, you don’t have to communicate directly.

SEO plays a huge part in your posts

  • The required information and products’ promotion can go to a certain extent via SEO.
  • People around the world who surf the internet can easily find your post if the SEO inside the post is managed correctly.
  • You can increase your promotion and so the selling of your products with genuine SEO used in social media.

If you have a social media channel that can be accessed through mobile, then your business has a greater chance of success, especially when the users are searching for a place to eat food or a product to buy, or any other services.

7. Increased Social Media indexing

By the year 2020, the content marketing industry is set to become a $ 300 billion industry.

This will make a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization because the two go hand-in-hand.

The SEO Services India will focus mainly on the section, which creates content that satisfies a search’s intent.

When the content creators start focusing on the customers, value content will be provided rather than just securing a good rank.

Social media will play a major role. Social channels will keep increasing their depth to integrate with the search.

Not just to get a rank in Google’s index, but also in a way that customers find it easy on social media platforms.

For example, YouTube and Facebook, and social media channels provide easy ability to search.

These are the new SEO trend that has come into shape.


As technology is advancing every second in science and technology, the SEO updates have changed a lot and obtained a new trend. You have to join the stream of competition to remain in the market.

This will make the internet more transparent and save for transacting information. Internet is very useful than you could ever imagine. You can grow to such an extent that you will never before. How! The use of mobile SEO can do the job for you. This is the vital fact that some of the micro and small business firms have no idea.

It is a year of voice search and effective content production by image, written, and video format. You can join the club of mobile SEO for expanding your business.

You should subscribe to our SEO Company in Mumbai newsletter to stay updated with the latest trend.

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