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What Are The Best Places To Learn Digital Marketing In Kolkata

What Are The Best Places To Learn Digital Marketing In Kolkata
What Are The Best Places To Learn Digital Marketing In Kolkata

The field of digital marketing is rapidly increasing. Every organization’s marketing and promotional efforts today include an element of online marketing. To reach a broader audience and increase sales, every new firm and brand is embracing digital marketing.

India’s large cities, like the rest of the country, are not immune to the benefits of digital transformation. The Digital Marketing Institute has grown as a result of this. Students can use the courses to find a well-paying job that allows them to rise professionally and develop their skills and knowledge to their maximum potential.

You will eventually be presented with excellent prospects for a successful career in digital marketing. Let’s say you desire to venture into the digital realm. In that situation, you must choose one of the top places to learn digital marketing courses in Kolkata and enrol in the programme that will help you hone your talents and establish yourself as a known marketer.

Here are Kolkata’s top 10 best places to learn digital marketing courses for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the field

Academy Of Digital Marketing

After successfully completing the course, Academy Of Digital Marketing in Kolkata is the only digital marketing training college that offers 100% job assistance to its students. Both classroom and online training are available through Academy Of Digital Marketing.

The course is organised into eight core modules and twelve speciality modules, for a total of twenty-four hours of instruction.ver 150 hours of practical training and six live capstone projects. The training is intended for serious individuals who aspire to be among the top 1% of digital marketers. The course will prepare you to pass all industry certifications from Google, Hubspot, Microsoft, and others; students will pass a total of 15+ globally recognised certifications.The goal of the The goal of this course is to help you become a well-paid digital marketing expert.

Does the Academy of Digital marketing provide live classes?

One of the most gratifying and diverse industries is digital marketing. It’s a booming business all around the world. It is quickly growing and offering a diverse range of work opportunities.

If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing or accelerate the growth of your company, Academy of Digital Marketing is the best option for you.

Nonetheless, allow me to go over all of the services that these schools provide to help people make better judgments.

Academy of Digital Marketing

The Certificate Program In Digital Marketing (CPDM) programme is the institute’s major course. There are 50+ modules in total. The course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of fundamental areas of study such as;

-Social Media Marketing

-Search Engine Marketing

-Search Engine Optimization

-Email Marketing

-Inbound Marketing

-Web Analytics.

With digital marketing collaborators Google Partners Academy and VSkills, this institute is India’s only firm.

The institute’s high-quality training has led to certification and internship agreements with well-known firms such as Google, HubSpot, Microsoft, and NASSCOM. At the conclusion of the session, you will earn 15 certificates (including Google and HubSpot).

Furthermore, the organisation has over 250 hiring partners who may be able to give you with job prospects, allowing you to relaunch your digital marketing career. The institute provides extensive placement assistance as well as two internship opportunities.


Bigboxx is a Kolkata-based professional institute that offers comprehensive digital marketing training. They also offer diplomas, degrees, certifications, and training courses to help anyone get from point A to point B in their job with ease.

The Institute’s main goal is to deliver the greatest computer skills training available anywhere on the planet. So that students can do their best as individuals and share their knowledge and world experiences in order to grow stronger minds and personalities.

Their goal is to train professionals to become better professionals. Students will be able to specialise in a field and progress in their careers. When it comes to digital marketing, they offer a more sophisticated education. It is comprehensive in scope and covers all facets of digital marketing.


ThinkNext was founded in 2011 and is an ISO-certified academic organisation. They are Google partners and offer some of the best digital marketing courses in Kolkata. They also provide training in programming languages, robotics, and other areas.

Morph Academy

Morph Academy is one of the digital marketing training institutes in Kolkata. In addition to digital marketing, the school provides courses in graphic design, photography, video production, interior design, and other fields.

Morph is an ISO-certified company with over 32 years of experience providing Vocational and Professional training courses. Over 12000 professionals have been effectively placed by the school. The college has created a digital marketing course to assist pupils in swiftly grasping all concepts.


Webliquids is a digital marketing training centre for professionals. In Kolkata, it offers complete digital marketing training (India).

Webliquids was founded in the year 2013. Through 350+ digital marketing classes, the university has taught over 7000 people to date.

Webtech Learning

Webtech Learning, founded in 2010, is an ISO-certified institution. Students in Kolkata can take offline courses in web design, digital marketing, app development, and web development.

Problab Kolkata

Problab Kolkata is one of Kolkata’s most prominent way to learn Digital Marketing Courses, with an amazing Digital Marketing curriculum. The course is industry-recognized and contains complete professional certification.

This course is for people who want to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing and how to make the most of their professional lives. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized business owners who want to benefit from the benefits of digital marketing.

Netmax Technologies

The business world is always on the lookout for technologically savvy individuals that can plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns that maximise returns on investment. Net Max Technologies ensures that the cost is structured in such a way that it benefits both job seekers looking for Digital Marketing positions and companies looking for qualified Digital Marketing pupils.

Jetking Kolkata 

Jetking Kolkata is a well-known Kolkata-based Digital Marketing Institute that offers courses in digital marketing and related areas. They are now an ISO 9001: 2008-certified company that specialises in I.T. and digital marketing training.

Experts will be available to answer your queries and clear up any ambiguities during live sessions. There’s also the Learning Management System, which can be used to make up for missed classes. They can be found in the archives area of the website.


Xplore is one of leading digital marketing colleges, offering courses to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. It provides courses that will help you achieve digital proficiency and web mastery. These courses will help you become an expert in digital marketing because they are tailored to include both theoretical and practical instruction. When it comes to training and placements, they have a stellar track record.


Digiperform is one of the most prestigious digital marketing institutions. These courses are open to anybody interested to learn digital marketing, including students wishing to enter the corporate world, marketing managers, and business owners.

In addition to digital marketing courses, Digiperform offers two master’s degrees in Digital Sales Optimization and Affiliate Marketing Earnings.


Etc academy is another well-known digital marketing institute that offers well-organized advanced way to learn digital marketing courses for stay-at-home parents, professionals, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and other people with a business experience.

They offer an impressive sixteen digital marketing modules, and they specialise in generating brand awareness.


IIHT is one of most prestigious and well-known digital marketing training institutes.

The fundamental goal of IIHT is to transform a person into a skilled digital marketing expert capable of delivering exceptional results in the fast-paced digital marketing arena.


The Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing (ASDM) is a top digital marketing training institute in Gujarat.

The course offers hands-on training in Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and other topics.


Digital Trainee, founded in 2016, is another of the greatest and most well-known digital marketing training colleges. Their main purpose is to find a digital marketing expert among the candidates. They keep track of a trainee’s abilities and work with them to help them improve.


Inspire Computer Education is a well-known and renowned institute, noted for its practical techniques and high-quality education. The trainees become experts in their profession as a result of their consistent, practical, and theoretical instruction.


iVIPANAN is an online-based institution that offers a variety of digital marketing courses, including seven modules with regular practical and theoretical training.


Digital marketing, IT, graphics, animation, and engineering are among the courses offered by Red and White Multimedia (RnW). They provide a 100% placement promise, a library and store, and trained lecturers to help you become a digital marketing expert.

Freelancers Academy 

With certification and job assistance, Freelancers Academy is one of Thane’s most effective Digital Marketing training academy. It is close to Bhanushali Hospital and Thane railway station. They have an in-house Digital Marketing Agency that teaches students how to become certified digital marketers and hence provides the best digital marketing courses in Thane. Each student will be in charge of campaigning in real time. They can also assist with accreditation for Google Adwords. They have outlets in Andheri and Vashi in Navi Mumbai, in addition to Thane. The whole digital marketing course is taught by industry specialists, and the information is updated on a regular basis. They offer Digital Marketing training at their Thane facility during the week and on weekends. Over 1000 pupils have been instructed by them.

Digital Marketing School

In Thane, School of Digital Marketing has established itself as one of India’s top and best digital marketing training colleges. They have operations in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, among other Indian cities.

They provide an advanced digital marketing education in Thane. Short-term courses on SEO, social networking, search engine marketing, and web design are also available.

Batches are often accessible on weekdays and weekends. Students can also select from a number of other schedule alternatives.

Students can also select from a number of other schedule alternatives.

Digital Bizware

Digital Bizware is a renowned digital marketing institute in Thane, Mumbai, that provides digital marketing training. Individuals seeking to advance their careers and organisations seeking to expand their operations can benefit from their customised Digital Marketing Training Programs.

Digital Bizware’s Digital Marketing Campaigns are more visible and effective in highly competitive marketing campaigns.


Proideators is a group of industry experts and professional experts from IITs and IIMs. Their’ mission is to serve as a bridge between the current educational system and the rapidly changing corporate sector.

Beginners who wish to work in digital marketing, content management, or other industries will benefit from the acclaimed digital marketing course.

It intends to provide students with a variety of placement options and offers a well-designed course that addresses the digital marketing needs in this industry. It is a leading digital marketing institute in Thane.

Tycoon edge

One of Thane’s finest digital marketing training colleges is Tycoon Edge. The thorough Digital Marketing Courses and Consultancy offered by Tycoon Edge assist students, recent graduates, teachers, and business professionals in exploring successful career and company possibilities.

Operating media

Operating Media is a digital marketing training institute in Thane that provides digital marketing courses. Real-life case studies, circumstances, and digital marketing applications are taught by several industry professionals and experienced faculty members.

Students will learn how to use digital marketing tools and will be able to improve their websites and search engine rankings by the end of the course. They also offer advanced certificate courses in digital marketing and can teach you how to use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, among other things.

It is one of the most respected institutes, with over 7500 students trained and 10+ diploma courses, Google certifications, and 100% employment help.


For beginners desiring to develop their skills and enter the digital sphere of advertising and marketing, TMDC is a well-known Institute that offers a digital marketing course in Thane that focuses on numerous vital components of the Online Marketing Strategy. Recognized industry experts with considerable experience in Online Marketing strategy and planning build and monitor the campaigns.

After completing the courses, students will receive certification, making them qualified experts. They also offer placement assistance to large companies to help candidates manage digital campaigns for well-known brands.


Compufield is one of Thane’s leading digital marketing companies. They provide flexible and simple digital marketing courses that aid in the development of professional and entrepreneurial skills. Compufield have a number of other locations throughout the city. They also offer web design training to students and professionals interested in the field and assist them in accomplishing their goals as quickly as possible.

Tech library 

Library of Technology Thane is a renowned Digital Marketing institute in Thane that offers Digital Marketing courses.

It is one of the top global certification training institutes, having delivered world-class training and education to over 5000 students worldwide since 2010.

The Tech Library has locations in over 40 countries, including five or more in India. They are well-known for business training for both individuals and organisations.

The Tech Library provides students with hands-on experience with all parts of the Digital Constituents through live classroom training.

They also offer corporate training for companies and organisations who need to train their employees in specific areas. In addition, the training curriculum includes 15 certification courses. Candidates who pass the course will be certified by Google and Facebook.


Maybe you’ll be able to tell whether you’ve started to grasp the foundations of digital marketing. The top Kolkata Digital Marketing Courses listed above offer the best Digital Marketing courses as well as advanced training in real-world projects.

After examining their curriculum, specialty courses, course duration, and ex-student evaluations, choose Digital Marketing Institute. One of the most significant things in comprehending the fundamentals of Digital Marketing is emphasising and taking note of mentor profiles as teachers.

A well-designed way to learn digital marketing courses can assist you in gaining the abilities that firms in the area require. It also includes a number of certificates from well-known universities to help you improve your professional profile and find your first job as soon as you complete the course.

All of the digital marketing courses we’ve selected provide certificates and teach the necessary skills. As a result, you should select the best digital marketing degree in Kolkata based on the Institute’s ranking, faculty, course perks, and prices.

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