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What Are the Crucial Components of the Human Resources Software?

HRIS software is designed to make human resources management easier for HR professionals. Not only can such software streamline all processes within the business, but they can also facilitate smoother workflow and improve efficiency. In addition to that, such tools are also efficient in collecting valuable insights, which can further help improve the business.

Here are seven must-have components in your human resources software:


The primary benefit of having an HRIS is having access to a database of employee and business process information. This information is stored at a centralised location, accessible by employees from remote places as well. 

Further, you can assign database access based on employee roles, so only the authorised individuals have access to confidential information, such as performance reviews and such.

Time and Attendance Management

Tracking employee time and attendance can be repetitive and time consuming for the HR department, especially if they do not have proper tools setups to streamline the whole process. 

That is why human resource software is required since it offers an attendance management module that can automate the repetitive tasks and reduce unnecessary load on the HR managers. The tool will automatically track employee attendance while ensuring that attendance issues such as buddy punching and time theft are completely eliminated.

Payroll Management

Just like you need to track the correct attendance of employees, it is crucial to process accurate payroll as well. However, since most small to medium-sized businesses still use traditional methods of processing payroll, manual errors are bound to happen. 

That is why a payroll management module is a must-have addition in your HR software. It ensures you are paying your employees the correct amount of pay for the number of hours they worked every month. Since these tools are built with precision in mind, the possibility of any human errors are eliminated. 

Further, you can integrate both payroll and attendance management, to automate the whole process, so your HR managers can focus on more meaningful things than being stuck in repetitive tasks all day.

Self Service Portals

Waiting for mails or visiting the HR repeatedly for every issue or request is not an efficient way to get things done. Hence, consider an HRIS that offers self-service portals, that allows employees to manage their personal and professional information. 

With self-service portals, employees can manage personal data such as email, personal address, contact details. Employees also have the ability to apply for leaves, mark their attendance and so on. HR and managers can then evaluate each request right from the HRIS, which further smoothens the workflow.

Recruitment Management

Hiring the right candidate for a position is crucial for success, which might not be possible every time with traditional means of recruitment methods. The HR department might find it challenging to find the right platform for recruitment every time a new position opens up. 

Further, there is no guarantee that you hired the right candidate, and it takes one bad hire to fall back on the progress your business has made. Spending resources and time again on replacing bad hires will only delay things further. 

Therefore, having a powerful recruitment management software is necessary to streamline your hiring process. A recruitment management module allows hiring managers to identify the right platforms where the perfect candidates will hang out, and it can automate job listings, application filtering and arranging interviews. 

Your HR department can further create talent pools with recruitment modules, which can be beneficial in the future when you need new employees.

Reward and Recognition Program

A business can only succeed when its employees perform well consistently, and for employees to perform at their best, they need to be satisfied and motivated. You cannot expect growth if your employees aren’t engaged and motivated to work every day. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to recognise the efforts of your employees. A reward and recognition program allows employers to recognise best performing employees and offer rewards for their efforts.

Analytics Tools

Lastly, having an analytics tool in human resource software is crucial since it can help collect all the valuable insights from each process. This data then can be analysed to improve processes further.

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