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What You Need to Make Beautiful Landscapes

You’ll find everything you need to create and maintain the landscape of your dreams at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply. Soil, sand, and flagstone can all be found here. Whether you’re working on a personal project or managing large-scale commercial contracts, we offer great deals on quality landscaping supplies.


The sand that we carry is suited to a variety of purposes. For filler and general applications, use PG&E utility sand. Mason sand is perfect for volleyball courts and water entrances since it is delicate and white instead of other types of sand. Stucco or plaster sand is ideal for plaster or drywall applications. We carry all kinds of sand so that you can find it for your project at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply.


Rock Pros Landscaping Supply has over a dozen unique flagstones to choose from for any paving or decorative project. A range of colors and patterns are available in slate, sandstone, and quartzite flagstone. They are ideal for a range of landscaping projects. Whether you want rustic and antique flagstones or modern and abstract, we have them all.


We carry a variety of soils for many different uses. We have 50-50 and 70-30 blends that are great for flowers and plants or turf. In addition, we provide specially created soils for growing and planters. We also provide nutrient-rich compost and screened topsoil for more aesthetically demanding projects. The soil you need to finish any project is available at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply.

You can find the landscaping materials you need at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply. With a fraction of the cost of our competitors, we offer everything from sand to flagstone to soil at the best prices. Our product catalog details the various options for creating your dream landscape.

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