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firefighting equipment in Lahore
firefighting equipment in Lahore

why you need fire fighting equipment ???

A fire incident can be a great source of damage to business industries, offices as well as at homes. Reasons behind the emergence of fire can vary from incident to incident. It may be due to human error, electrical short circuit or ignition of flammable materials placed at the location. It is in a small area when starts but if not controlled at that point; it can reach to the larger area and catches to the higher levels. It is the reason that importance of fire extinguishing equipments cannot be ignored.

What is the firefighting equipment?

Fire extinguishing equipments controls the fire reactions instantly and save the lives of millions of people worldwide. Owners prefer to install fire extinguishers at their places to complete the safety measures. There are various types of equipments that are used globally and they vary in their functions. There are several types of fire extinguishers which are used to blow out the fire of different categories like class A, class B and others.

Where to get the firefighting equipment?

Synergy Fire Safety is a well known company in Pakistan which is furnishing many business industries with fire extinguishing equipments. They are not only providing manual fire extinguishers but also automatic systems that detect the fire and starts blowing it out. If you want to avail their services to get firefighting equipment in Lahore, contact them online or visit their office. Experienced staff members will guide you completely about all the equipments and those which should be installed at your place. You will get the complete package from purchasing to installation at Synergy Fire Safety.

Which safety equipment should be adopted to avoid fire incident?

Almost every business owner thinks that how he should protect his area to avoid any kind of damage from fire? It is quite confusing for them that which fire extinguishing system would help best in case of emergency and from where it should be purchased and installed. To solve out all of the quires of business owners, Synergy Fire Safety is providing effective guidance and modern solutions for your safety.

Manual fire extinguishers:

It is a portable equipment/apparatus that is used to blow out the fire at a small scale. It can be kept at home all the time or your workplace to avoid any damage in case the fire emerges. Fire extinguisher inspection cylinders contain the substance that is poured onto the base of the fire and it hinders the chemical reaction occurring in the flame. This substance deprives of the oxygen in the flame and the fire is blown out. There are various categories of fire extinguishers depending upon the substance it contains to put out the fire.

Fire alarm system:

With the help of fire alarm system at public places or private offices, all the individuals are given an alert at very early stage of fire. They can leave the place to save their life. Installing a fire alarm is not enough because it will only make you alert but not extinguish fire. If it is connected with the fire suppression system, it will serve the best because the whole system will not only alert the occupants but also start to blow out the fire quickly. If this system is automated, it can control the fire immediately when it starts. In manual systems, after the alarm sounds in the place, management staff runs to start the installed extinguishing system or operate the manual fire extinguishers. Manual fire extinguishers are very easy to operate as they are light in weight and easy to carry to the required place.

Fire suppression system:

Fire suppression system consists of multiple units that are engineered to blow out the fire. These units contain fire extinguishing substance that works efficiently to extinguish the fire. They have connected alarms with them that can aware you about the danger of fire. Built in components in a fire suppression system have ability to detect smoke, fire and excessive heat that can be a source of fire incident.

  • Automatic fire suppression system

It is the system that detects the fire and extinguishes it with the installed system. No human effort is required in this case instead they automatically release the substance. It includes sprinkler systems, gaseous clean agents and other.

  • Manual fire suppression system

In this case, suppression system detects the fire and alerts it with the connected alarms. In this case, the system do not automatically releases the agent instead man power is required to give the instruction to extinguish fire. Fire can be blown out with the help of fire blanket and manual fire extinguishers.




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