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Your Ultimate Guide to Flaunting Diamond Picture Pendants

Diamond picture pendants are a must-have for anyone who loves jewelry. Starting from ornate designs that are ideal for special occasions to those durable pendants that make for the perfect everyday wear, diamond pendant designs can be chosen according to your style, taste, budget, and the occasion you want to wear it to. However, as you are choosing a diamond pendant, there are several factors that you would have to consider to make the best choice. The nitty-gritty of the subject can end up leaving a tremendous effect on the appearance and the durability of the piece to suit the fashion trend you’re currently following. So, let’s check out this essential guide to buying diamond pendants!

The Chain That Helps Flaunt the Diamond Pendant

The most important thing that you would need to wear your diamond picture pendant is a chain that matches it the most. While choosing the perfect chain, however, you need to think of four main variances –style, length, width, and clasp.


Depending on the jeweler, there might be variations in the traditional styles and possibilities of wearing the diamond pendant. Each of them has their own characteristics that make them unique in their r own way. The top styles of chains available in the market include:

Cable Link: Also known as an anchor or trace chain, this is one of the most popular types of chains used to wear different pendants. It comprises round or uninformed oval metal links looped together for creating a lightweight but durable chain. The delicate appearance of the chain gives it popularity but don’t get fooled – made up of 14k or 18k gold or platinum, these are extremely durable as well. These are typically found in 1-2mm in width, making them ideal for small pendants.

Rope: Available in several appearances, each different from the other, these might be filled with details. Within the rope chain spectrum of jewelry, you can find small links manipulated in a way that they look like one complete chain. These are available in thicker widths of 4mm and can be worn in itself as well. However, a picture pendant with wings can take the look up several notches.

Wheat or Spiga: Another very common form of chain that can do justice to a diamond pendant to create a natural, striking appearance that looks like wheat tips is the Spiga chain. Typically meant for men, this 1-3mm dainty width necklace works wonders to give a strong masculine feel.

The cable link chain is one of the most popular necklaces when it comes to style that creates the perfect balance between wearable regularly and being durable at the same time. To choose the ideal chain for your diamond pendant, ask yourself if you would wear it every day or not.


The most common chain lengths in jewelry include 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, and 30”, and choosing the ideal length before you buy the chain is crucial for both comfort and appearance. Needless to say, various lengths of the chain perform in distinct ways based on how they would look on a gender. Most mid-length chains are gender-neutral, but the smallest or the longest would better suit a woman and a man, respectively. There are, however, no fixed rules to choosing the length of the chain, and you must always choose a style that looks flattering on your overall look.

If you are looking to wear a diamond picture pendant regularly, it is recommended to wear a chain length that sits well on your collar bone. It adds the comfort and the practicality of everyday use without running the risk of getting caught in things or looped. The diamond, also, sits in a place that can be seen by the world. If you are shy and want to keep things to yourself, however, you can choose a chain length of 16” and showcase a beautiful pendant with wings that will always remain close to your heart. If you are about to buy a larger pendant, you can opt for something that lays on top of or just before the bust to make it look more eye-catching.


Chains can come in a wide range of widths, depending on the style you are choosing. Needless to say, when you are thinking of wearing a picture pendant with the chain, it is always recommended to wear a 1mm dainty chain to make it shine. The chains are typically crafted from the highest quality of yellow, white, or rose gold, and even when you choose one with a small width, it will remain strong and be an excellent investment. A 1.5mm to 2mm chain is, however, ideal for those weightier pendants to give additional support to the same.

Conclusion: As you have decided on the style, length, and width of the chain you are about to wear with the diamond picture pendant with wingsyou need to think about the clasp options as it is responsible for bringing everything together. A lobster claw clasp, spring ring clasp, toggle/t-bar clasp, hook clasp, and barrel clasp are the most common choices that you get, depending on the jeweler. The beauty of jewelry is that it is crafted from the sturdiest of materials and is meant to be resilient, so go crazy as you find the perfect chain to flaunt your diamond pendant.

Inzamam Akram

As the owner of Amerikan Gold Jewelry, Inzamam stays up-to-date with the latest style and fashion trends and often shares his observations through extremely well-articulated blogs and articles. Being an expert in this field, he offers fashion tips that can never go wrong and simply elevate one’s personality. In his spare time, he also likes playing games and binge-watching web-series.

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