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10 Home Remedies for Colds And Coughs

Health & Fitness

Being affected by cold and a running nose is as harmless as can be, but the level to which it irritates an individual is second to none. People tend to get affected by a combination of fever, body aches, nasal congestion, and chills. There are a number of remedies that can alleviate symptoms of cold and make you normal in a few days or weeks.

Know about home remedies for cough and running nose

Coughs may act as irritants for throats, but they are necessary to get rid of infections from the body. However, persistent coughs can get irritating for any person, no matter how calm he or she is. The ultimate treatment for a cough will be based on its underlying cause, which could be acid reflux or an allergy.

Natural remedies should always be consumed after substantial research about them. A number of herbs and supplements are likely to interfere with other medications, which could lead towards unpleasant side effects. Take a look at the following remedies which can be used for both coughs and running noses:

  • Ginger– This root has anti inflammatory properties and can ease an asthmatic cough. As per a study, it has been able to relax membranes in the airways, which are likely to reduce coughing. You can brew tea with 20-40 grams of ginger in hot water and then drink the same. The addition of honey may further help to relieve cough.
  • Turmeric and warm milk– The addition of turmeric to warm milk works wonders on cold and chest infections. The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of turmeric helps kill bacteria, which are the agents of infection.
  • Use of jaggery-Boil black pepper and water together, and add cumin to this mixture. Once you get an aroma, add a little jaggery and turn the flame to low heat. Let the jaggery melt completely and then consume the warm solution to get relief from chest infections.
  • Steam– Remember the use of steam to clear your nose during childhood? Well, now you can add a bit of Eucalyptus oil to the water and inhale its vapors to clear chest and throat congestions. Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial and analgesic properties to ease congestion in the respiratory tracts.
  • Gargling with hot water– Add salt and a few drops of antiseptic solution to warm water and gargle. This is very helpful to relieve yourself of the initial symptoms of a sore throat.
  • Onion extract– Though this has a very bitter taste, it is one of the best natural remedies for a congested chest. Onion contains quercetin which not only gets rid of mucus and also prevents its buildup in the future. You may extract the onion juice and add it to honey, water, and lemon juice; ensure that you drink this concoction warm.
  • Use of flaxseeds– Flaxseeds need to be boiled in water till the mixture thickens. After this, strain it and add honey and lemon juice to this. Drinking this warm two times a day will make your cold vanish within no time.
  • Thyme– This herb holds both medicinal as well as culinary value in the kitchen. You can prepare thyme tea by adding 2 tsp of the herb to one cup of hot water. You need to steep the herb inside the water for 10 minutes before straining it and drinking. Antioxidants present in thyme also help in improvement of colds.
  • Chicken soup– Although chicken soup may not be able to cure all cold-based conditions, it sure is a great tonic if you feel sick. A bowl of chicken soup, mixed with vegetables and having been prepared from scratch slows down neutrophils in the body, which is a common type of white blood cell. They certainly keep the body safe from infection, being able to reduce symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Garlic– The compound allicin, which contains antimicrobial properties, is present in garlic. You can chop and add it to any of the regular preparations to improve symptoms due to cold. Although more research needs to be done in order to study its effectiveness on colds, its addition to diets certainly can’t help individuals.

Do not wait for colds to get worse before you take action. Every individual can sense the presence of irritation in the throat or buildup of mucus in the nasal passages; action must be taken immediately. Of course, you also need to understand that none of the other natural remedies can completely eradicate cold and cough symptoms. If the situation prevails for more than a week, you need to see your doctor who may give you certain medication, which will help end the current condition.

During the period when you have a cold, ensure that you drink plenty of warm fluids. These fkuids are very helpful in breaking up throat and chest congestions.


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