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5 Essential Tips to follow after Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

Knee pain is very common in orthopaedics. People of all ages can suffer from knee pain. It can be the result of any injury that can damage the ligament or torn cartilage. There are many conditions which can cause knee pain like arthritis (whether it is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or traumatic arthritis). Genetic diseases, developmental abnormalities or repetitive injuries can also cause knee pain. The knee joint is the largest and the most complicated joint of our body. Due to its complexity and stress, arthritis occurs. Total knee replacement surgery or partial is an effective treatment of arthritis. Different types of arthritis may lead to knee replacement surgery. 

Knee replacement surgery or arthroplasty can help to reduce pain and restore the function of the diseased knee joint. Knee replacement surgery involves the procedure of cutting away the damaged bone and cartilage and replaces it with an artificial joint. Artificial joints are made of metal alloys, high-grade plastics and polymers. The orthopaedic surgeon assesses your knee that whether your knee needs replacement surgery or not. He does this thorough checking of your knee’s range of motion, stability and strength through x-rays. People who go through knee replacement surgery usually have difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of a chair. Knee replacement surgery has some risk factors too like other surgeries. These factors include infection, blood clotting in the leg veins or lungs, heart attack, stroke or nerve damage. 

5 things to do after knee replacement surgery

Use crutches or walker because after knee replacement surgery you need them for several months. It will be difficult to walk without them and even it will be dangerous to put weight on the knee. The person cannot walk without it in the start, he needs a walker for the first few days to move and walk. 

Physical therapy is a must after surgery. It come to your room after a few hours of operation and tell you which exercise you need to do with your new knee. Physical therapy helps you to regain your strength, restore knee movement and help you walk with your new knee. You cannot skip physical therapy as it is very important to keep your mobile during this surgery. Make a routine of daily exercise. However, your exercise should not be very tough. It should be some simple moves that can keep you active.

When you discharge from the hospital, you should follow some tips. You should help your wound to heal. You should not wet your wound until it healed. Ask help from your orthopaedic surgeon that when you can take shower after surgery. 

After surgery, most people complain that they have lost their appetite. It is normal. However, make sure to eat nutritious food that can give you strength. With a healthy diet, your wound will heal quickly. Also, your doctor may give you some iron-rich supplements to minimize the side effects of medications. 

You should arrange a toilet seat if your toilet seat is lower. Get a stable chair for shower. It can help you to take shower easily and there will be fewer burdens on your knee. 

Hip replacement surgery

The hip joint is the most important joint of the human body. It helps us to walk, run and jump. There are two bones in hip joints, the pelvis and the femur (the thighbone). The hip joint is one of the most flexible joints of our body. Following are some causes of hip replacement. 


Hip pain generally occurs in adults due to Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Arthritis is the cause of inflammation of the hip Joint Replacement Surgery In Pakistan and the breakdown of the cartilage that prevents friction of your hip bones. The pain increases day by day and it gets worse. The person feels stiffness of the hip and has a reduced range of motion of the hip.

Hip fractures

With the growing age, the hip bone becomes more week and fragile. It can easily be broken if a person falls.

In the above-mentioned causes of hip pain, the treatment is hip replacement surgery by Hip Replacement Surgeon in Pakistan. The hip replacement surgery is necessary when the hip is broken or a person has very painful arthritis in his hip. Hip replacement surgery is always done under general or spinal anaesthesia. Sometimes the “ball” of the hip joint need to replace and sometimes it is “socket” but usually they replace both “ball and socket”. The hip is replaced by an artificial part called a prosthesis.

5 things to do after hip replacement surgery

Physical therapy and exercise is a must for your regular movement of the hip joint. A physical therapist will help in doing some specific movements and exercises. Physical therapy improves blood flow and makes your muscles strong. After coming back from the hospital you should continue your exercise prescribed by the therapist. Don’t do difficult moves in an exercise that may damage your muscles and bones. 

After surgery healthy diet is very important to recover early. There should be a diet full of nutrition and supplements can also be added after surgery that will make you stronger. 

The patient cannot take shower after surgery until his orthopaedic surgeon does not allow him because his incision is fresh and shower can cause infection in the wound. 

Use high chairs and make sure that your knee should be lower than your hip when it is bent. Use a stable chair or bench in the washroom for the shower. There can be swelling in the operated area after surgery. Ice is good to reduce swelling. 

You should not sit with cross legs until 6 weeks after surgery. You should bend at your waist beyond 90 degrees. It can keep you away from pain.

The tips mentioned above can help a person to recover well and he can feel less pain while doing his work. However, it is very important to take advice from your orthopaedic surgeon after surgery. He will guide you properly how you have to take care of yourself and which diet is good for you. 


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