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8 Unique Gift Ideas For High School Grads in 2023

Graduating is a major accomplishment that is worthy of celebrating. Whether you have a child who just finished high school or have a close friend or loved one who earned their diploma, you can reward them with a unique gift. Students often appreciate cash because they can spend it right away or save it for college. Others like gift cards to their favorite stores. Why settle for the same gifts that everyone else gives? Your special student may not even remember what you gave them by the end of the night. Check out some of the top unique gift ideas for high school grads in 2023 that they’ll never forget.

Laundry Survival Kit

High school graduates heading to college may not know how to do some basic things like their laundry. Treat them to a custom laundry survival kit that walks them through the process. Fill a laundry basket with soap and fabric softener along with stain treatment products. You can even add a custom note with some tips they can use at school.

Money Tree

More than 80% of students in 40 states finish their high school studies every year, but this figure drops to less than 70% in some states. An easy way to reward your graduate is with a money tree. Instead of just giving them cash or a check, attach dollar bills to a small fake tree. They’ll love that they can grab a few dollars whenever they need money.

College To-Do List

Use your college experiences to create a list of things that your student can and should do. Think about the things that you did and the activities you missed out on during your time in college. You might encourage them to talk to a stranger, pull a late-night study session in the library, decorate their dorm room door, and go to a frat party. They’ll love seeing what you come up with and doing each one.

Graduation Plush

Graduation plush gifts are a fun way to celebrate the moment. They come in different sizes and shapes such as teddy bears and dogs. Most of these stuffed animals wear a cap and gown, too. Encourage everyone who attends the graduation party to write a special note on the plush and let the student take it to college.

Shower Caddy

Going away to school often means living in a dorm room and sharing a bathroom with other students. Get your graduate ready for the experience with a shower caddy. It should include at least one towel along with a robe, shower shoes, and some shower supplies. It’s one of the things that students often forget they need.

Letters from Home

College students often feel homesick when they move away from their family and friends. Ask their loved ones to write letters and tuck them inside a memory box. You can even label each one with a different date to let the student know when to read them. They’ll love getting some reminders of home no matter how far away they are.

Custom Gifts

There are tons of custom gifts for high school graduates like custom trophies. You can add their name to the front along with any accomplishments they have. Another idea is a journal with a custom cover. It gives them a safe space to write down their thoughts and feelings. Students will like that they can use them before they head to school and once they get there.


If you’re a crafty person, gather some of the student’s old tee shirts and other clothing and turn them into a quilt. You can make a longer twin quilt to fit a dorm room bed or make a bigger size that they can use for years. You can also work with an online company to make a blanket for your graduate. You just need to upload some of your favorite photos and decide on the layout. The company will print the photos onto a blanket and send it to you.

Get Ready for Graduation Season

Graduation season starts around the end of May and runs through the first few weeks in June. When you prepare ahead of time, you can find great gift ideas without scrambling at the last minute. These eight unique gifts include things that recent graduates will love and remember.

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