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A complete guide for How to develop a Telemedicine app?

Are you thinking about developing a Telemedicine app? Here you will get everything that you need to know to develop a Healthcare app.

Virtual healthcare services are the most demanded ones among the other trending apps present in the market. This pandemic has hit hard for most of the patients who used to visit their doctors for consultation. Virtual services give the leverage of staying connected to their doctors all the time. Healthcare apps are trending because people have realized the value of online services in previous pandemic years. There is so much potential and growth in pharmacy delivery app development. In this blog, we will cover each crucial aspect that you should consider before investing in a healthcare app.

How To Develop A Telemedicine App?

If you are planning for a telemedicine app, Planning is the first thing which you have to do. Secondly, how would you target your end-users, the question should arise in your mind. Thirdly conduct deep research about the market niche, which will help you in understanding the market trends.

A telemedicine app consists of three segments which are a must if you want to develop a Telemedicine app.

  1. Patient app
  2. Doctor app
  3. Admin Panel

To understand the development process of a telemedicine app, first, you have to find out the features that must be available in the apps.

Key features of the Patient app

Registration – Users have to make registration in the app by filling in their details. They can log in through mobile numbers, email account, or any other social media channel. It would be beneficial if you add two-factor authentication as the app contains confidential health data.

Profile – Patients will be able to create their profile by adding their details like name, age, gender, photo, any past medical history, etc. This feature will allow patients to add and remove their details.

Find doctors – Here users can find their nearby doctors to book appointments. They can check each small detail of their doctor like name, age, gender, photo, specialization, address, consultation fee etc. They will also get the facility to filter the doctors as per their consultation charges.

Book appointments – Patients can book appointments by checking the availability of doctors. It can be rescheduled and cancelled if you find difficulty in making time on the appointment day. People can also book appointments on an urgent basis.

Communication – To provide a seamless experience to users, it is very important to focus more on communication modes. In the healthcare sector communication matters, a lot that’s why telemedicine apps offer a lot of communication channels such as video calls, audio calls, chatting or messaging, and they can also communicate in person.

Previous medical records – Here patients can record their medical history, prescriptions, and any lab tests if they have done them previously. It helps doctors to have a rough idea about the patient health.

Payment method – Secured payments options are provided so that patients won’t face any difficulty in making payments.

Notifications – The app reminds the upcoming appointments, bills, the doctor availability of the day etc. This information is passed to patients through notifications, text messages and emails. It is a helpful feature for patients.

Reviews – Patients can give reviews and ratings to doctors according to their consultation.

Key features of a doctors app

Log in – Doctors have to sign up/login into the app through a mobile number or email.

Create a schedule/ set appointment – Doctors can set a particular date, time, and duration of the appointment. This feature allows them to set their availability.

Appointment management – It is on the doctor whether he accepts or rejects the appointment. Here doctors can manage their appointments in just a few taps.

Communication mode – Same modes of communication are provided to doctors also are provided to the patients. They can accept urgent and scheduled bookings through communicating with their patients.

View patients’ profile – This feature help doctors in checking up on the patient medical history and appointments. Here they can check each relevant information like the reason to visit, appointment status, fees, appointment time, date, etc.

Prescriptions – After understanding the patient’s condition, doctors send prescriptions to patients, which save in their database.

Notifications – The app sends regular alters to both patients and doctors regarding their appointment bookings. Here doctors can check the appointments they have to take, and they also receive the notification if they receive any payments through patients.

Profile management – Adding professional details and personal information related to their career help doctors in making a positive impact on patients’ mind. They can manage their details here.

Admin panel

Dashboard – Here admins can count the number of doctors, which they have and the patients who are using their app to avail themselves of medical services.

Manage doctors – Admins can manage doctors by using this feature. Like, they can add and Remove the doctors and later on update the number in the app.

Manage patients – The same thing they can do on patients as well. Add. Remove or update the latest count.

Reviews and rating – This feature allows admins to make improvements in their app.

Reports and analytics – They can check their gross income here.

Why You Should Go For A Telemedicine App?

The world is experiencing a new digital era where everything can be accessed through mobile phones.

For patients

  • Lowered costs – It lowers the cost of healthcare services for people who used to travel a lot to avail healthcare services. It saves time and money.
  • Improved access to care – It helps healthcare sectors to maintain standards in their services.
  • Convenient and time-saving – The mobile app gives leverage to book appointments at their convenience. By just sitting at home you can book a doctor appointment and discuss your health issues.
  • Social distancing can be maintained – This pandemic has introduced us to social distancing which can be maintained through apps.

For healthcare providers

  • Reduce expenses
  • Additional revenues can be earned
  • Improves the quality of services
  • Fewer chances of infection
  • Improves patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced patient monitoring system.

A telemedicine app helps healthcare organizations to provide quality remote services at reasonable prices. A telemedicine app benefits both patients and healthcare providers in various ways which explained above.

Now question is How Telemedicine App Makes Money? There are multiple ways through which the Telemedicine app can make money. A well-planned Telemedicine app mode can help you in helping people and allows you to earn more at the same time. Appropriate marketing strategies have to be followed to convince people that your app has the potential to provide exceptional healthcare services. Below mentioned are a few monetizing ways through which you can earn revenues.

Subscription model – One of the most followed and common ways of earning money. You can ask your users to make monthly or yearly subscriptions to use your app services. You can start with a minimum, later on, if you can increase it if your app gets demand in the market.

Advertisement model – In-app ads can make you good profits. This is also one of the best business models if you want to make money at an early stage. But make sure to keep fewer advertisements because no one prefers to use an app that contains multiple ads. It irritates most.

Franchise model – By following this strategy you can expand your platform for a large userbase in a short period. This method is followed by many telemedicine app owners so you can simply distribute it overseas as a franchise.

Technology Stack To Use In Telemedicine App

Programming language – Java, Kotlin, Swift
Back end – Node.js, Laravel PHP Framework
Front end – React, React native
Push notification or SMS verification – Twilio
Payment integration – Paypal, Stripe and new payment methods can also be added according to the country selected.
Database – Hbase, MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
Cloud environment – AWS, Google Cloud, IBM etc.

Cost Of Developing A Telemedicine App

Well, it is not fixed as it changes according to your customized requirement and the country in which you choose for your app to be developed.
The basic formula for calculating a telemedicine app development cost is App development time X Hourly rate of developers.

Wrapping Up

It is not easy to develop a Telemedicine app as you need to discuss a lot of things before concluding. You can share your ideas and app concept with mobile app development companies that work with a pool of Android and IOS developers. You can discuss your app ideas and concept with them, and they will help you in getting what you want. By availing of Telemedicine app development services, you can get your app ready as early as possible. Hope this blog was worth reading.

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