Are you having panic attacks? – Treatment you should take

Are you having panic attacks? - Treatment you should take

Anxiety is the most crucial reason for having panic attacks. Panic attacks can come out anywhere like if you are having fear of some things but you do not have any option left rather than facing it. If you are having panic attacks frequently then you must see a gold coast psychologist.

Before talking about how to manage panic attacks, first of all, we need to understand what is a panic attack and the common symptoms of it.

Here are the common symptoms people face throughout a panic attack:

  • Faster heartbeat
  • Unable to breath
  • Discomfort in the chest
  • Shivering
  • Sweating continuously
  • Suffocation
  • Giddiness
  • Not feeling strong
  • Blurry sight
  • Feeling numb
  • Always feel that everything is imagination
  • Feeling that you are seeing yourself from outside

Having panic attacks is not a normal thing. There are many people who concern the psychologist or doctor if they are facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms. People who are suffering from panic attacks always think that there is something unusual happening with them.

How can I manage panic attacks?                            

There are certain ways to manage your panic attacks. But if you are dealing with an extreme level of panic attacks then you must concern a gold coast psychologist.

  1. Take your breath slowly

At the time of panic attacks, people think that they are having difficulty in getting oxygen. Because of this reason, they try to breathe fast. As a result, it worsens the situation rather than help.

If you are over-breathing then the oxygen level in your blood gets increased and carbon dioxide decreases. And due to this, you start to panic more.

So practice slow breathing in this situation. Exhale and inhale it properly. Maintain some time gap between them. For example, inhale for 3 seconds and then exhale. Practice this thing on daily basis. Eventually, this thing will help you a lot.

So next time, you have panic attacks, remember this technique.

  1. Keep eye on your thoughts

Always watch your thoughts because it affects the pattern we feel. If you are having positive thoughts then you will feel positive. And if you are having negative thoughts then results you should better know.

There are people who keep eye on their thoughts. If they are having negative thoughts, they change them to positive thoughts by thinking positively.

On the other hand, there are people who are less aware of what’s going on in their minds. They always think of negative things and as a result of one day, that thought becomes reality, and the consequences of this thought we can imagine.

That’s why the reason you should always keep eye on your thoughts and thinking patterns.

Suppose you are thinking of:                                                           

  • I’m not feeling well
  • Something bad going to happen to me
  • I don’t look beautiful
  • I’m dumb
  • Always bad things happen to me

What if, you started thinking like this?

  • I’m feeling well
  • Something really good going to happen to me
  • I look beautiful
  • I’m smart enough
  • Always good things happen to me

And so on.

Feeling difference? Your answer most probably is “yes”. So practice this positive thinking.

In the starting it will be difficult but as there is saying hard work always pays. So start doing it, you will live the life you have never imagined before.

  1. You are avoiding the places to visit then you must visit these places

Let’s think I have had a panic attack at one hotel. And going back to that hotel again is quite embarrassing and scary. As I’m totally aware that, this is the same place where I have got a panic attack.

But is this a place fault? Obviously not! It’s my thinking fault because I’m thinking that whenever I go to this place, I’ll get panic attacks.

So in my opinion, you should visit the place where you have got a panic attack, it will boost up your confidence.

But if you are extremely experiencing feelings of anxiety then you must concern a gold coast psychologist.

  1. Meditation

Last but not least! It is scientifically proven that, if you are practicing meditation then it will help you to become a mentally stable and confident person. If you are feeling depressed, stressed, panic then you must start doing the meditation.


A panic attack is a serious disease. Before increasing this disease you should start practicing the above-mentioned tips. If you are still not getting the results then you must concern a gold coast psychologist or take help from any other professional.

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