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Best Monitor For Autocad

Choosing the best monitor is the most important task. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the key features you should look for when buying a monitor. And will also present you with one of the best monitors for CAD.

Among the most important features, color and visual accuracy are extremely important for seeing your design accurately. Your monitor also supports a variety of operating systems and has a reasonable time and refresh rate. So it does not cause any problems while working on your plans.

best monitor for autocad

BenQ PD2700Q Monitor

It’s a 27-inch monitor, and it’s perfect for Solid Works software. The resolution of this best monitor is 2650 × 1440. This gives the designer more screen real estate than an FHD monitor. It has a high-quality IPS display, which can cover 100% sRGB color aspects. The IPS panel can cover the REC 709 color space, and it shows very beautiful colors.

If the designers are working in a dark room, then this monitor adjusts the color. This is one of the best monitors for CAD. The monitor allows dual view, which means that the designer can enable two views of the same image simultaneously, on the same screen. 

If the designer wants to have a CAD file theory on the one hand and a copy on the other, this is possible. Its connectivity ports are HDMI, display port v1.2, and USB hub. There are internal speakers on the monitor, 2 × 1 watts.


  • The resolution of the monitor is good for the eyes
  • There are no dead pixels on the monitor, and it shows great colors
  • Monitor and base construction is very reasonable
  • The main indicator light is on the right side of the panel, and it’s a nice touch for the monitor


  • The monitor has a vertical brightness imbalance
  • It doesn’t work well with Mac
  • The monitor has a scanning problem when the user connects to the HDMI cable or display port

LG 29WK600-W Monitor

It’s a 29-inch monitor, and it’s recommended for those on a budget. The monitor offers 30 more pixels than the FHD monitor offers. The display resolution of the monitor is 2560 × 1080. The user has the option of on-screen control with a screen split. For more info you can visit best monitor for autocad.

The best part of this monitor is that it offers a practical borderless display and makes designing a fun thing. When it comes to SRGB, it’s a 99% color spectator, and it’s not only the perfect monitor for CAD designers but also for photographers and graphic designers.

When designers work long hours, they feel tired. However, this monitor has an ergonomic stand, which makes it easy to adjust the LGpremium monitor. The user will not feel any discomfort in their neck, as it is designed to give them ultimate comfort.

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