Best Places To Visit In Azad Kashmir Pakistan With Faremakers


The mountains, lakes and valleys of Kashmir are like heaven on Earth. It is a year-round tourist destination in northern Pakistan, which is visited by many tourists every year. The gateway to northern Pakistan is Islamabad. You can get Lahore To Islamabad Flights to enter the northern area of Pakistan. From there you can plan your trip to Azad Kashmir. The main source of income for this state is mainly tourism. This also includes commemorative shopping, which is the work of local weavers and craftsmen.

While exploring Kashmir, you’ll find locals sitting in nooks and sells handicrafts and souvenirs. Pakistan is home to places that force you to admire the glory of fascinating natural beauty. One such place is Azad Kashmir, flooding mesmerizing areas where existence is hard to believe. Of all the mesmerizing tourist attractions in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir is the one who opposes all other claims for supremacy. Nothing matches his vitality and is nothing else. No wonder we are still arguing with our noisy neighbors to embrace this paradise.

Neelum Valley:

Tourist attractions must be captivating. This one is for sure. You’ll find blue water and greenery, just as stunning as everything. This is God’s wonderful gift to humanity, thankfully in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Everyone who offers you the best attractions in Pakistan will not forget about the Neelum Valley. It has many suburbs and small towns, lakes, trekking routes, mountain passes and other wonderful attractions that are among the unusual tourist attractions.

There are many travel guiding companies in Islamabad who provide complete travel packages to Neelam valley. You can get cheap flight tickets to Islamabad and be a part of this mesmerizing place by getting any of the travelling packages to Neelam valley.


The famous city of Azad Kashmir, which is also known as the main district of Poonch. A charming valley among high hills, located about 80 kilometers from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since it is only 80 km, it certainly means that you can easily reach this area and make the most of it if you are the capital of the country or Rawalpindi.

Being the northern area, it will definitely be wild in the winter, so it is always recommended to visit it in the summer. The summer season is conducive to developing the thrilling beauty of Rawalakot. Moving around this area, you must visit the famous tourist attractions of Sudhngalli, Tatta Pani, and Toli Pir located here.

Banjosa Lake:

Ideally, this is an area where there is a significant amount of greenery around. Green colour ensures peace and refreshes the mind. Beautiful landscapes of a shiny lake surrounded by tall trees is a real treat for the eyes. Usually, you have to go there in the summer because of the hospitable weather because the temperature almost does not exceed 25°C. As warm as summer gets, the winter is definitely cooler and snowfall surrounds it.

There are countless lakes in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan. To reach this place of Pakistan, you need to reach the capital of Pakistan first. Islamabad is the doorway to this heavenly place. Take Lahore to Islamabad flights to visit further visit Azad Kashmir, because the heaven awaits.

Ramkot Fort:

This amazing land is located on a hill bordering the Jhelum River, this tourist attraction in Azad Kashmir asks for your cameras. Not really a fortress anymore, Fort Ramkot talks about the contemporary Muslim military building design. The background of this fort belongs to the 5th and 9th centuries, which left its relics, discovered and removed by Muslim leaders in the 17th century. This area is the basis of excitement for those affected by the journey.

Jhelum Valley:

This particular Azad Kashmir valley hosts national and international tourists who crowd around in the summer. A natural miracle that people seem to find is a river flowing from East to West among the gigantic mountains. The region called “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum is one of the popular tourist attractions that people want to visit. In the summer, ripe rice fields appear in full bloom, and the modern wooden houses of the inhabitants present a picturesque view.

Cherries you have never tasted before, the size of people you have never seen before, and Walnut, oh, this cracking nut is a feast you can only get anywhere other than the Jhelum Valley in Azad Kashmir. The area of Pakistan attracts many international tourists 12 months a year. They take Cheap Flight Tickets to Pakistan to visit true heaven on earth.

Leepa Valley:

Certainly, it is a place that would force you to rub your eyes twice to recognize reality. It truly is a stairway to heaven. Leepa Valley definitely increases the value of Azad Kashmir as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Pakistan. Opened in May and November for travelers in the friendliest climate you can find in Azad Kashmir. There are high mountains and tall pine trees in the area, this area is easily accessible from Muzaffarabad. There are also many commuting facilities on local jeeps that operate after crossing Reshian.


Azad Kashmir is a tourist place entirely covered with vivid green valleys and you can’t take your eyes off even for a second, because the captivating scenery causes so much stress to be left. It is a place of waterfalls, abundant lakes and wildlife. People from Punjab take Lahore to Islamabad flights approximately the whole year to visit Azad Kashmir with their families to have an amazing and lovely time.

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