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Building Inspection Adelaide takes care of your family

Building Inspection Adelaide is here whether if you are buying a new home. Or, living in an older home. There are things lurking in and around the environment that can cause your family to feel unwell.

Is your Home Good for your Health?

We as homeowners take the utmost pride in our homes and the family within, but what if something was compromising the health of your family – that being contaminated indoor air.

It wasn’t until I personally started having health issues that I researched and studied what goes on ‘behind closed doors coming from a background in construction. People would ask about the importance of a Building Inspection Adelaide.

When doing Building Inspection Adelaide, I found many homes in bad shape with molds and bacteria that were making families sick.

I wanted to help and studied Ozone Treatments and Radon testing. Building Inspection Adelaide is constantly trying to improve its services by enlisting in courses. Therefore, we feel that we can make our services better to the clients.

We’ve been doing Building Inspection Adelaide for years. Moreover, we continue to offer many services to help new and older homes get healthier. Thus, the people who live in the homes.

Building Inspection Adelaide makes everyone sleep better

A One Time treatment we call “OZONE SHOCK THERAPY” eliminates these toxins and odors, purifying your indoor air making it safe for your child or pets to breathe freely.

Building Inspection Adelaide can test for:

Indoor Air Quality of the Home
Mold Spores in the Home
In-Wall Testing Capabilities for Mold
Asthma Triggers
Tape Swabs
Allergen Triggers in the home and office
Radon content of the building or home we live and work in. Radon is a great concern for families living in today’s homes and places of work.

Before You Renovate, Get a Building Inspection Adelaide

Building Inspection Adelaide for air quality and Radon before you renovate can be huge cost savings.

Let me give you some very basic information:

Making the best use of space, more storage, that extra washroom, quality construction, affordability, etc. Yes, all these are very important. However, if you haven’t included “a healthy indoor environment” in your plans. You have missed the boat by not getting Building Inspection Adelaide.


1. 90% of our life is spent indoors.
2. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, “the problem of indoor airborne allergens is the most serious.”
3. Comparative risk studies were done by Health Australia and the Environmental Protection Agency and its Science Advisory Board (SAB) “Indoor air pollution is consistently ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health.”
4. Indoor contaminants include odours, pet dander, dust mites, allergens, smoke, chemicals, off-gassing from new furniture, paint, glues, and of course Mold. Let’s focus on Mold and mildew and solve this problem once and for all.


There are thousands of various molds and fungi in the world and we come across them every day of our lives. Not all of them are bad, but there is NO reason to be put in a situation where they can have an effect on your health. Mould, mildew, fungal growth; all require moisture and a food source.

This is generally very easily attained as our relative humidity can easily be above 55% indoors and food sources can be as simple as drywall and dust.
We are constantly putting moisture into the air with breathing, showering, cooking not to mention any other problems that show up caused by a water leak from a multitude of sources.

How can we best maintain a healthy indoor environment and include this in our renovation?

First, you must address ventilation. Because airflow can solve a lot of problems as it reduces humidity and allows an exchange of air from the outside to the inside. Therefore, this is a must in the design of your renovation and will include fans and windows. Furthermore, you must address “the current condition of contamination in your home by getting a Building Inspection Adelaide.” If you paint over, close up, put flooring over, etc. Areas that are contaminated, you are simply masking the problem, and “it will return.”

Therefore, It is very simple and affordable to have a qualified indoor air quality Building Inspection Adelaide done. Just like you have a home inspected for structural problems, you also need to know the health of your home. Thus, this one simple step will pay incredible dividends to the health and enjoyment of your home for many years to come.

Here is what you will learn:

1. If you have any current moisture or ventilation problems.
2. What you should do prior to painting, dry walling, insulating, and closing up that wall or that ceiling.
3. If you have any existing contaminants in the home that need to be addressed.
4. What to include in your renovation in order to have a healthy environment as an end result.

How much does a Building Inspection Adelaide cost?

Building Inspection Adelaide charges as little as $195 for a qualified Mold and indoor air quality. In order for the inspector to perform a visual and written review of your existing home or office. This alone is “invaluable.” If there are problems, they will be pointed out, discussed and a solution presented costs.

What to do?

If the problem requires more analysis. Building Inspection Adelaide is qualified to take samples of air, dust, or surface. Moreover, it relies on accredited lab results which they present in a formal report.

After getting a Building Inspection Adelaide. Professionals conduct complete purification of the home. That includes air ducts leaving you with that fresh clean smell after a thunderstorm. However, this process takes 4-6 hours and costs on average $495 for homes up to 2500 sq. ft.

An additional option is available to install a UV germicidal in-duct purification system Medallion calls “the Terminator”. Which purifies the air before it comes into the living area. Which gives you an excellent ongoing maintenance system for years of healthy living.

One Stop Inspections

If you are looking for a professional company to inspect your home, One-stop inspections is your ideal company for building inspection Adelaide.
One stop inspections provides a wide variety of Inspection services, including inside and outside of the house.
Not only that, but also pest inspection, especially the termites.

For more information and pricing, reach our building inspection Adelaide service on our website.

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