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Cases of fire incidents arising from electrical appliances are becoming more common. To avoid starting up an electrical fire in our residential or commercial areas, always contact an emergency electrician in London if you notice something strange about either your electrical wiring or your appliances. After various researches, some facts were discovered relating to an electrical fire. These facts are stated below.

Facts Based On Electrical Fire

  • Fire incidents in residential buildings are more common during the winter months. This is because of the increase in the rate of heaters usage, warmers, and other electrical equipment and lightings.
  • Residential fire when traced is commonly originated from the bedroom. However, most fatal cases occur with fire incidents that begin in the living room or family room.
  • When a residential building catches fire, most times, the first item to get ignited is the electrical wires, then the cable insulation and then the structure of the cable frames.
  • The highest cause of an electric fire emanates from an electrical failure, malfunction, and short-circuits.
  • It was only in about 17% of fire incidents from residential buildings that the fire spread was limited to the item where the fire started.

Common Causes Of Electrical Fire

Electrical fire is something that can happen anywhere. The consequences of an electrical fire can be very fatal. This is why it is best to take proper preventive measures against electrical fire. In this guide, some of the common causes of electrical fire have been listed below.

  • Faulty appliances, sockets or outlets

The reason for most of the electrical fire outbreaks can be traced to faulty appliances. The moment your appliances, switches, and outlets start developing faults, you should either fix or replace them. It is common for applianc1es to develop faults when they become old and outdated. Do not neglect these faults; instead, contact a professional to fix them. A fire can also start from bad switches and overheating cords. When cords become frayed, they can cause overheating, and this can send heat to surfaces like rugs, and floors and eventually start a fire.

The extra prong in an appliance is for outlets that have the capacity to carry the additional amount of electricity that can be drawn by the appliance. Some people remove this extra prong and use them in an electrical outlet that has two prongs, and this is risky and can start a fire. Also, try to avoid passing cords underneath rugs as the contact between both can cause a fire.

  • Light fixtures

Before installing a bulb, it is important to check the number of watts that the fixture can carry. Make sure you do not use a bulb with a watt that is above the maximum permissible watt of the fixture. This is another common cause of fire outbreak in homes. Also, try to avoid shielding the bulbs with a cloth or paper-like material. This is because an overheating of the light bulbs can ignite the material and start up a fire.

  • Old wires

Wires are one of the most ignored items in homes today. However, like every other item, age can slacken and reduce the capacity of a wire. An outdated wire with a specific amount of wiring capacity may be unable to carry the high voltage emanating from electrical appliances in use today.

In an average home today, we have new electrical appliances like microwaves, video game players, deep freezers and air conditioners. An outdated wire may be unable to carry these appliances successfully, and this can lead to a fire outbreak. An outdated home will likely have an obsolete wire as well as many other obsolete connections. If you live in an outdated home, you can invite a professional electrician to carry out a thorough check on your home’s electrical connections and adjust them to more modern connections.

  • Misuse of extension cords

Plugging an appliance to an extension cord for an extended period can be harmful. They should only be used for a temporary period. Plug appliances directly into the socket outlets. When extension cords are overused, an electrical fire can be started. If you do not have a suitable outlet for your appliances, a London emergency electrician can be contacted to assist you in fixing one.

  • Space heaters

One of the mistakes people make with space heaters is that they keep them very close to some inflammable materials. Space heaters are very useful during the cold months. However, it is not a good idea to keep a space heater close to clothing, couches, and rugs. The coils on the space heaters can start overheating and ignite the material closest to it. This can start up a fire. On a general note, radiator-type space heaters are safer than coil-type space heaters.

Take note of the tips above and adhere to them to prevent electrical fires in your home. You can also reach out to a professional emergency electrician in London if you ever suspect any fault with your electrical appliances or connection at home.

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