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Designer Eye Frames and contact lenses in Canada: 6 Things You Need to Know


If you are going to buy eyeglasses online, you can choose thousands of styles from different brands. Therefore, when purchasing online, your first step is to examine various collections. After this, you can follow the steps given below to make this selection process easier.

According to the research, 55 percent of Canadians wear eyeglasses and prescription glasses. Studies also indicate that statistics have increased over the years. What the data boils down to is that three out of four adults require some kind of vision correction. Factors include those with impaired vision, aging, loss of focus, and increased screen time each day.

The perfect 20/20 vision ensures that we can see things like stop signs, read other important types of signs, and see our family and friends.

Pick the right prescription glass frame

There are factors that should be considered when choosing prescription glasses.

1. Choice of glasses that suits your face

First of all, you should consider the shape of your face to choose the glasses that will suit your face. As far as style is concerned, it is quite important.

2. Look for your frame size

The next important step is to consider the size of your glasses. If you already wear glasses, it will be easy for you to find the right frame size. While looking for the frame size you should consider some important factors like temple length, bridge length, and eye shape.

3. Get a prescription

As far as good optical health is concerned, make sure you visit your eye specialist and get eye check-up periodically. If you are detected with any eyesight issue then contact your optician.

But if a prism is required, the service provider can help you. The online store you are shopping from will contact their applications and verify your prescription. However, if your prescription already includes a prism, the service provider will confirm it with you before making a custom lens for you. However, you may have to pay some more money for this service.

4. Type of lens

Most people with vision and myopia go for single vision lenses with only a corrective power. In addition, single vision lenses are commonly used for reading glasses. On the other hand, multifocal lenses have different powers.

5. Lens Material

Various materials are used to make glasses. Let’s take a look at some common materials used for this purpose.

Plastic: Plastic is the number one choice for making glasses. They cost less and are an ideal option for users with mild prescriptions.

Polycarbonate: These lenses are strong enough to bear the impact. Therefore, they are recommended for children and such people who follow an active lifestyle. They are ideal for prescriptions that go beyond +/- 3.00.

High index 1.67: They are much lighter than lenses made of plastic. If you have more than +/- 8.00 prescriptions, you can give them.

High Index 1.74: It is the lightest and thinnest substance. Therefore, if you have a high recipe, you can use this ingredients.

6. Lens Treatment

Most lenses are coated with special materials for scratch resistance. In addition, they come with edge polish and UV protection. Apart from this, you can also consider other lens features. Some of them are described below:

With Duraclear anti-reflective coating, your lens can relieve back and front glare. As a matter of fact, it is an important feature of today’s RX eyeglasses because it reduces stress on your eyes and is easy to clean.

Digital Light Protection is a type of precision-engineered coating that can protect your eyes from very harmful violet / blue light and offers scratch resistance as well as anti-glare properties.

In addition, TransitionsĀ® lenses can darken and lighten to adjust depending on outdoor lighting conditions.

So, these are some things that you should consider when buying glasses online.

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