7 Most Useful WhatsApp Tricks And Tips You Should Know

WhatsApp is one of the most used and popular messenger apps, especially in mobile devices. Almost all Android and iOS users use Whatsapp on their mobile phones. If you also use Whatsapp in your daily life and want to know the best features of Whatsapp then you are on the best page.

Here we going to discuss the best useful Whatsapp tricks that you should know. It tries to bring new features in every new update. Only you need an account and then you can use all the features for free. You no need to pay for money on it.

The UI of Whatsapp is pretty simple and easy to use. That’s the main reason Whatsapp become more and more popular. People are really want to use it. Let’s start to know the best tricks and tips.

1. Make Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough Text

If you want to send bold, italic, and strikethrough text then you can do it easily. To do that, you need to use some special character between your text. If you want to bold any text then use (*) it between the text. For example, you want to send *How Are You* then the text will bold automatically.

If you want to italic any text then use (_) it between the text. For example, you want to send _Fine_ then the text will bold automatically.

Lastly, if you want to make any text into strikethrough then use (~) it between the text. For example, send ~Good~ then the text will bold automatically.

2. Stop Auto Downloading Files via Mobile Data

To use Whatsapp on your mobile, you need internet data first. Without internet data, you can’t send and receive chats, files, and other things.

Sometimes we have lots of contacts and join lots of groups. So, we get lots of images, videos, and other files on our mobile device. And the big problem is the files automatically download on our device. Sometimes we don’t need the file and it will auto-download.

So, you need to stop the auto-downlaod from the Whatsapp. it will save your mobile data, as well as phone storage. To stop it, go to the menu by clicking three dots. Then tap on setting then data and storage usage. Then click on Mobile Data.

Now you can see a popup, and check the file you want to save automatically. In this way, you can save your mobile data.

3. Use Whatsapp on PC

As you already know that Whatsapp is a very famous messenger app and everyone wants to use it. Now, if you are a mobile user then you can easily use it. But the PC users also demand it and use Whatsapp on PC devices.

So, Whatsapp introduces the Whatsapp Web for PC users. Here you can use the same account on PC.

Here you can use almost all features like send and receive text, videos, images, files, and more. You can see all of your contacts statuses, and your status also. Here the limitation is, you can’t add more status and make video calls & voice calls.

However, it is pretty helpful for users who use computers in offices and not allowed to use the smartphone. Still, they can use Whatsapp easily.

4. View Storage Consumed by Contacts

Modern smartphones come with lots of phone storage but if you use a smartphone with little storage then you need to use this feature. Whatsapp can show the amount of storage consumed by your contacts. Then you can easily decide to clean the storage or not. It’s a pretty helpful stats.

To see the stats, click on setting and then Data and storage usage and then tap on Storage usage. Now, you can see impressive results. It shows all your contacts consumed the amount of storage.

Not only that but also you can see the videos size, image size, and other files size of each contact. Then you can remove all the unnecessary files.

5. Use Two-Step Verification in your Account

Whatsapp itself a very secure platform and if you want more security then you can enable two-step verification. By default, Whatsapp only verifies with an OTP while creating an account. But if you enable it then you need to put six-digit PIN, your email address, and OTP also.

I think its a better way to keep your data more secure and everybody should use the two-step verification. To enable it, Go to Setting and then click on Account and then enable it.

6. Turn Off Last Seen

If you want to edit or tweak the last seen then you can do it easily. Whatsapp provides the option that you can hide.

There are three options you get here. First, you can hind the last seen from everyone. Here no one can’t see your last see. Second is, you can hide it from your contacts only. In this case, only your contacts also you can hide it for nobody. So, you can use the setting if you want.

7. Mute Chats of Contacts and Group

If you have lots of contacts and join groups then you get lots of notification every time. It is very annoying and you can mute the chats for a day, week and also yearly.

You can set the time you want to mute the contacts and groups. Then you can’t get the notification. Only you can access the chats to open the Whatsapp app.

It is pretty helpful for those users who join lots of groups and can’t leave the group also. So, mute the group and stay free.


Today we going to show the best and essential Whatsapp features that you should use. If the article is helpful for you then kindly share it with your friends and social media. If you have any query then comment us. We will answer as soon as possible.

Now, I want to hear from you. Which features you like most? Let me know in the comment below. Lastly thanks for visiting our site.

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