Do Cell Phones Hurt Male Fertility


Every morning you woke up and checking the first thing is your mobile phones. Nowadays, people are more addicted to cell phones, and they can’t even leave it for a second. In other words, we can say that people are deeply in love with their mobile phone, which they never want to break up with. If your partner put his mobile phone in his pocket and it keeps on buzzing and if you are trying to get pregnant, it will not work out. If you really want to become a parent, you have scarifies a few things. Your partner should keep the hotbed phone into somewhere else. Then you may lose the chance to get pregnant naturally, and you have to counsel the best infertility clinic.

You may think of how using a mobile phone can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Yes, mobile phone radiation can affect your sperm quality and the potential to get pregnant. Using a mobile phone for a very long time can cause an infertility problem in men. You may think about how it is possible, for your clearance, we have mentioned a few things below which will give you a clear idea about how cell phones hurt male infertility.

How Cell Phones Hurt Male Fertility?

Research clarifies that men who have the habit of using cell phones regularly have poor sperm quality, and they have fewer chances to get pregnant. The record shows 100+ men who were patients at an infertility clinic have phone habits and usage. Finally, they found that the behaviors did seem like related to sperm quality and quantity for most of the men they surveyed. If you have the below-mentioned habits, then you might face the low sperm count problem in the future.

  • Using a mobile phone for more than six hours per day.
  • Using a cell phone while it is charging.
  • Holding cell phones in a particular position for less than 50 cm.

Due to these problems even Media get a clever headline idea to mention such as Cell phones cook men’s sperm.

The researchers examined potential reasons why male infertility and low sperm count are responsible for roughly 35% to 45% of all couples diagnosed with infertility. We are still not sure how exactly mobile phones would cause a male infertility problem. It may be because the heat generated from phones can impact the internal testicle temperature, and it is more effective when the phones are stored in the pocket or use or while charging. On the other hand, the radio waves those mobile phones receive and transmit can easily affect our human bodies. Nobody is so sure how these mobile phones can cause male infertility problems.

Even though we are not so sure about a few things about cell phone effects on fertility, we feel that it is good to be safe if you are planning to get pregnant.

Instructions for Producing Healthy Sperm

Pointing fingers is not going to bring any solution for your problem. At the same time, it is worth to seeing environmental toxins and exposure radiofrequency energy have exponentially increased in the post-war, hyper-tech period we live. Hence, reducing the 21st century things in our life is not a bad idea, and doing this will help us to understand whether they help you or not.

Re-think how you use your mobile phone 

Since we are not sure about the cause which can create by mobile phones, it makes sense to use attention. You can use Bluetooth technology whenever you can, and it helps to reduce the chances of using cell phones and try to use landlines. Most importantly, try to avoid using mobile phones while it’s charging.

Not smoking

In the post-war-technology lifestyle, smoking has been a favorite pastime than using tobacco products didn’t use to have all the chemicals that most of them contain now. Smoking and using tobacco associated with all kinds of negative side effects, such as infertility for both men and women. If you quit smoking, your future generation will thank you.

Losing weight

If you focus on what you are eating and quitting unhealthy habits only can help you to improve the sperm count. Whenever you get a chance, do some little exercise and reduce unwanted weight. Obese males have the greatest risk of low sperm count. If you have a problem with getting pregnant, contact the Andal fertility clinic in Nellore, who provides outstanding treatments and solutions for your problems.

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