Causes of Sudden Erectile Dysfunction


Normally erectile dysfunction never occurs suddenly. It is a gradual result of a combination of several causes. The lifestyle diseases never strike suddenly. But you should never neglect any decline in the erection suddenly. Erectile dysfunction in a healthy male with normal sexual desire can be a serious case.

Erectile dysfunction often happens in males after the 40s. But these days the younger males are also experiencing the erection issue due to several lifestyle issues. The hectic pace of life with its tension and anxiety adds to the erection problems. That explains the use of Sildenafil 150mg for maintaining sexual relations. You must be aware of the risk that is involved in the sudden erection loss.

Causes of sudden erection loss

The only cause of sudden loss of erection is the blockage of blood vessels in the penis. Since penis blood vessels are narrower than blood vessels in other body parts, any blockage that is occurring in the blood vessels is first evident in the penis area. A man, who has been experiencing a normal erection till another day, has to take any loss of erection seriously.

It has been observed that any blood vessel blockage is first visible in the erection difficulty in the penis. It is obvious that you will go and take any medicine to lift the penis for sex, but a comprehensive medical examination should also be a priority. Sudden erection loss can save you from a sudden heart attack.

If you are not injured in the sexual organ area or have not eaten anything that made to the unconscious, the do not take the sudden loss of erection just a part of sexual life.

Observe your lifestyle and diet

Any sudden loss of erection in a healthy male is the time to analyze the lifestyle and eating habits. You should be asking yourself several questions regarding your lifestyle, eating habits, the time you devote to exercises or lack of it or the food you take. You will release that you are not doing anything to remain active, and remain healthy.

How many cigarettes a day you smoke and units of alcohol you drink. The detailed analyses of the habits will take you to the conclusion that you are hastening erectile dysfunction. There is no harm in using any medicine like Cialis 20mg to get the hard erection. But at the same time, you must be aware of the underlying causes of the erection issue.

Understand the underlying cause

The sudden erection loss or difficulty in getting an erection is due to the sudden reduction of blood in the penis. And sudden blockage of blood is a sign that something is obstructing the blood in the blood vessels. Take the sudden erection issue as a wakeup call and take precautions in your life.

The first step will be to understand the underlying cause, which probably is the formation of plaque in the blood vessels. Obesity, heavy fatty meals, smoking, alcohol, or a sedentary lifestyle is showing its ugly head. You can continue to use Kamagra 100mg for an erection whenever you need a hard erection for sex. But the treatment of the underlying cause is a must check the further deterioration of the erection process.

Lifestyle intervention can check early erection loss

The sudden erection loss is easily preventable with a disciple lifestyle intervention. The first step will be changing your food habits. Include a balanced diet in routine, cut down on smoking, drinking, time spends on the sofa.

Start moving the body to reduce the chances of accumulation of fat around the waist. And at least have brisk walking whenever possible. You will see that gradually you will need a lower dose of erectile medicines like 40mg Vardenafil to maintain a hard erection.

The solution or reversing erectile dysfunction will happen with a combination of lifestyle interventions. During the transition period, you can use medicines, but the support that you will get from a healthy diet, active life, and cardiovascular friendly exercises will stop further deterioration in the erection issue.

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