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Pay Stubs

Essential Tips About How to Create Pay Stubs for Employees?

Employees can use salary statements, also known as pay stubs, to keep track of their wages and apply for loans, mortgages, and credit cards. You can produce payslips for your employees using a free pay stub tool as a small business owner. This feature is included in most accounting software applications. Make sure you understand what is included in a pay stub before you begin.

What is a Pay Stub?

Paystubs detail the salaries made during a specific time period, as well as any personal deductions, taxes, employee contributions, and other pertinent information. Workers can use these records to find out how their pay is computed. Paystubs are typically connected to paychecks or delivered in a digital format. You can send electronic pay stubs to your employees if you pay them by direct deposit.

Employers are not obligated to issue pay slips under the Fair Labor Standards Act, but they must preserve a record of their employees’ salaries and working hours. These documents attest to the fact that your personnel is categorized as employees, not contractors, and that you are paying payroll taxes. You can issue paystubs in digital or paper format and send them to your employees on payday, depending on your state’s rules. Make certain you include the following details:

  • Name and address of the company
  • Name, address, and social security number of the employee
  • Income, both gross and net
  • Working hours and pay period hourly rate
  • Dates of the pay period’s start and end
  • Deductions for health insurance and other expenses
  • Contributions from employees.
  • Taxes have been deducted.
  • Bonus, Overtime, or Refund (if applicable)
  • Sick leave that has been accrued

Make a pay stub online

It is in your best interest as an employer to send salary slips to your employees so that they understand the difference between gross and net pay. These documents may also be required in order to rent a home or apartment, apply for a loan, or obtain a mortgage. Employees should also check their pay stubs to see if they are eligible for safety net programmers. Simply put, a pay stub is evidence of revenue.

  • A pay stub can be made in a variety of ways. You can, for example, obtain legal forms or use Stub Creator to create a free Pay Stub template. 
  • Fill it out and submit it to your team, either electronically or on paper. 
  • Free pay stub templates are also available from the California Labor Commissioner’s Office and other state websites. 
  • If the template is in PDF format, you can alter it with Adobe Acrobat DC or another PDF editor to meet your needs.

The free pay stub generator is the second choice. This feature is available on Shopify, for example, and it does not require a user account. You’re ready to start once you’ve completed the form. For each pay stub, forms charges a little cost, but it has more functionality than Shopify and other free solutions. Based on your state’s rules, this programmers can calculate gross and net income, deductions, taxes, and contributions automatically.

Programs that Calculate Payroll Taxes

When using IRS charts to calculate payroll, it might be a tough task. State holding taxes fluctuate every state and have varied consequences depending on how many exemptions are sought. There are a plethora of handy payroll calculators available on the internet. Some are free, while others have a price. Payment programmers are more likely to include a comprehensive payroll administration system that tracks year-to-date figures and generates year-end reports.

City of Paychecks

Paycheck City provides a free state-by-state paycheck calculator. It estimates the net salary depending on the totals entered, and it can go back ten years to find the necessary deductions. Two optional deductions (such as cafeteria fees or health insurance premiums) can be added to the scheme. The user can choose to print simply pay stubs or mix checks and pay stubs using the print options. Printing options require registration, but calculators are free.

Payroll Software

Online payroll software is an integrated solution. Customers can count and print payroll checks, distribute payroll through a direct deposit system, and pay monthly deductions, year-end forms, and related reporting. There is a monthly cost for each additional employee able to prepare. Users can get payroll information from their books using the program. The monthly subscription includes live and chat support.

Paycheck Supervisor

Paycheck Manager offers a free calculator as well as a full-fledged premium service. All states’ state taxes can calculate using the free calculator. By allowing new queues to form, there is no limit to the amount of non-tax deductions that can make. Other fees and modifications from net pay are also included in the program.

What are the Accepted Payment Methods for Payroll?

A small company employer can pay wages in cash or a negotiable instrument payable on demand, such as a check or direct deposit, under the Fair Labor Standards Act. State wage and hourly standards, including authorized forms of payroll, control the state Department of Labor. State legislation may be more explicit than federal law, and it may include the ability to make payments with a debit card.


Payment should be ready on demand if you pay your staff by check. The employees do not pay if payment refuses for reasons that can trace back to you. This could happen, for example, if there is inadequate cash in your company’s bank account. Even if you deliver the employee his check on payment day, if the payment decline, he is not paid. Salary checks can write by hand. However, for a more professional appearance, create them with payroll software.

Deposits Made Directly into your Bank Account

You can pay through direct deposit if you enable your employees to accept payments by check or cash, according to federal law. If your employees opt for direct deposit, you should also provide them the option of choosing their financial institutions. Direct deposit laws are quite specific at the state level. The state may require that you seek the employee’s written consent before submitting it directly. 

  • There may be restrictions on whether or not you may make a direct deposit a requirement. 
  • If an employee does not want to make a direct deposit or does not have a bank account. 
  • So, you may have to offer alternate payments such as cash, check, or payroll debit card. 
  • Payroll software, which makes pay stubs a direct deposit, need to enable Direct Deposit.


Other types of written payments, such as cashier’s checks or money orders, use as written payment tools in addition to checks. If the employee offers his or her written approval, the state may enable you to utilize other means of payment than those specified by the state.


Cash is an accepted method of payment but should use with caution. Written payment instruments leave a paper trail, but they don’t receive money. You should save your own paper trail to confirm that you paid an employee in cash. Every time you pay it, make a written statement. 

  • To acknowledge receipt, have him sign the statement and create a copy for his records. 
  • Make sure you follow the requirements for other sorts of payments as well. 
  • This includes withholding and filing federal and state taxes from cash payments, as well as making cash payments to employees.

Visa Debit Card

Employees can use their payroll debit cards to shop at stores and withdraw cash from ATM machines up to the amount of their paycheck. So, employees who do not have bank accounts can easily get their paychecks through this method. Employees may have the choice of receiving their salary for free or paying a fixed return charge, depending on the third-party company. Employers may be able to participate in this initiative for free.


Ability to pay your staff by debit card as per state law. In Texas, for example, if an employee agrees in writing, you can pay with a debit card. However, whenever an employee uses one of these payment cards, a fee is perfectly valid. Under state law, such deductions may be problematic.

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Tina J. Wagner Phillips is a 31-year-old She enjoys Accounting, working on Payroll Check Stub Software, and bookkeeping. She has a degree in accounting, politics, and economics, obsessed with films and tank tops.

About tina_wagner

Tina J. Wagner Phillips is a 31-year-old She enjoys Accounting, working on payroll, and bookkeeping. She has a degree in accounting, politics, and economics, obsessed with films and tank tops.

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