An Excellence in Keg Manufacturing: Exploring the Benefits of Schaefer Kegs for Yor Brewery


Want to buy kegs for your company but need to know which keg manufacturers offer the highest quality products?

To facilitate your choice of good beer storage tanks, we recommend paying attention to Schaefer barrels – they offer the best price-quality ratio on the brewing equipment market!

After reading our article, you will know the key advantages of these barrels and where you can find the original Schaefer kegs for sale.

Why You Should Consider Schaefer Kegs

Schaefer is a well-known keg manufacturer who has made a huge contribution to the industry’s development. In addition, the keg industry has several outstanding brands known for their quality standards, durability, and environmental friendliness.

Consider more about Schaefer and other top keg manufacturers:

1. Production standards

One key advantage of Schaefer is its approach to production. The brand adheres to strict production processes that ensure the durability and reliability of its kegs.

Schaefer is one of many brands focusing on the quality of the keg manufacturing process. It is also true for brands such as the American Keg Company and Blefa, which prefer high-quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques.

2. Unique functions and innovations

Schaefer offers a large selection of kegs made of lighter steel, which is much easier to operate.

The polyurethane coating of the barrels makes them highly durable, and the high-quality insulation protects the contents of your tanks from unwanted temperature fluctuations.

Other beer keg manufacturers, such as THIELMANN and Blefa, are known for their ergonomic handles, advanced cleaning systems, etc.

3. Environmental friendliness

Schaefer developed kegs with a focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions through the use of recycled materials.

Other manufacturers, such as Petainer and Lightweight Containers, offer kegs made of alternative materials (PET kegs), which will reduce emissions during transportation and energy consumption.

Schaefer Kegs — A Legacy of Quality

Stainless steel KEGs protect wine and the environment – SCHÄFER Container Systems

The Schaefer company has been known on the market since 1978. During this time, they have earned a reputation for focusing on sustainability in keg manufacturing:

  • Material

During the keg manufacturing process, the company uses high-quality 304 stainless steel.

  • Environmental friendliness

Schaefer kegs are designed to comply with health regulations. The brand’s products are environmentally friendly and have a special polyurethane coating.

So, to ensure a high biosafety level, all brand kegs are made with plasma-jet welding.

  • Serviceability

Barrels are 15-30% lighter than regular stainless steel barrels, making them more convenient for transportation and further use.

  • Protection

Schaefer barrels come standard with safety burst discs.

  • Versatility

These kegs are suitable for various beverages, including beer, wine, cider, and other carbonated or noncarbonated liquids.

  • Customization

The tanks offer customization options such as embossing, laser engraving, or branding, allowing businesses to personalize their kegs with logos, images, or other identifiers.

Innovations Beyond Schaefer — Diversity in Keg Offerings

Schaefer is also known for its dispensing system draft2go+, which provides perfect hygiene and highly efficient beer serving up to 90 l/h.

However, in addition to Schaefer ECO kegs, there are many other noteworthy keg suppliers on the market:

  • Blefa Kegs are made of stainless steel. This company’s products are designed to reliably protect the barrel’s contents from contamination, exposure to ultraviolet light, and oxidation.
  • AMCYL Kegs are made of 304 stainless steel and are approved by NSF with constant compliance control.
  • G4 Kegs is a reliable supplier of premium stainless steel kegs.
  • THIELMANN offers high-grade austenitic stainless steel kegs. These barrels provide excellent protection for your beer or any other beverages.

Choosing the Right Keg Supplier for Your Brewery

Are you looking for empty beer kegs for sale?

Whether you prefer Schaefer products or are considering other beer keg manufacturers, you need a reliable supplier of beer tanks.

Pay attention to UBC Group USA, a Schaefer kegs distributor that is in good standing among the top breweries in the USA.

UBC Group US offers an excellent selection of kegs of different sizes and functionalities: here, you will find the barrels that will help you optimize your beer production!

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