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Features to Look for in Best Air Conditioning System

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As the warmer months of summer approaches, most of the homeowners start thinking about installing AC systems in their house. This fantastic device guarantees that you can stay cozy and comfortable when the weather outside is sweltering. Most of the homes located in extremely hot regions are equipped with strong and powerful air conditioning systems. Without this system, you cannot get enough convenience you desire. If you are also planning to install the AC system in your house, then you need to know the standard features that your AC system is likely to have. Consider all these features before opting for any option to stay cooler in the hot summer months.

Energy Efficiency Rate of Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning systems usually make use of a considerable amount of energy in hot summer months. The moment you shop for the best unit, check the energy efficiency rating of the unit before making the purchasing decision. You are required to check for the EER ratio or number, which stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio Number. The modern technology has allowed the manufacturers to design AC systems that are highly energy-efficient and consumes very less energy. This feature ensures that you can save lots of money on utility bills and also have a lesser negative impact on the environment.

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The Thermostat of Air Conditioning System

The thermostat is the vital component of the air conditioning system, which allows the users to control the cooling output of the system. The high-end models usually come with the digital thermostat, which has the readout of both the actual and selected temperature. The digital readout is considered to be convenient as they are capable of delivering more precise output and maintains the constant temperature in your room. It also has the feature to auto shut off, which can cycle the unit automatically for on and off when the desired temperature is maintained. The low-grade models usually come with a mechanical thermostat. These models use the dial to choose the temperature lower or higher based on where you turn it.

Check for the Quiet Air Conditioning Systems

No one prefers listening to the loud noise of the AC unit’s rattling fans. So, having the quiet Air Conditioning system is a vital feature to look for, and this is the key to enjoy the system in hot summer months. The level of sound caused by the unit is also an essential factor for homeowners. It is a part of HOA or those living in townhomes and condos. Homes that share the walls with the neighbors are likely to have quiet AC systems so that it does not interfere or make the neighbors annoyed. The new system must not only be quiet, but it should also be energy efficient and generate less noise.

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Types of Filtration

Usually, the air conditioning systems available today come with two different filtration types: standard and washable.

  • Standard: It is the typical type of filter installed in Air Conditioning systems today as it demands periodical replacement of the filter for ensuring proper flow of air and filtration.
  • Washable: It is the type of filter which is durable and lasts for years to come. It can be cleaned easily in the bathroom and kitchen sink. Hence there is no need to replace the filter often. It is very durable and can last for many years before it demands a replacement.

Keep in mind some of the features which you need to look for while making a purchase an air conditioning system for your home.

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