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Hair Transplant Process – Average Cost in Pakistan

Do you want to get a hair transplant? How effective the treatment can be? What does it cost in Pakistan? If you want to know more about hair loss treatment, then study this article till the end. Hair loss is a common issue for both men and women. But it has a solution as well. The solution is a hair transplant process. As it is a surgical method so it costs a lot as well. But first, you have to understand the procedure of hair transplantation.

What Is A Hair Transplant Process?

A hair transplant is generally a surgical procedure which is used for treating baldness and hair thinning problems in men and women. In this procedure, a doctor takes the hair follicles out of the donor site of the scalp and these hair follicles are reinserted into the head side that requires hair transplant.  It is quite popular because it has produced effective results. The average cost of a hair transplant is different everywhere. For reference, take the example of a hair transplant in Islamabad. The clinic for the best hair transplant in Islamabad will cost around 40,000.

Reasons on Which the Hair Transplant Cost Depends On

The cost of hair transplant in Pakistan depends on various factors. These factors are discussed below:

  1. Hair grafts: This is the most important factor. Hairs don’t grow single. They always grow in groups of five or four. These groups are known as hair grafts. A single hair graft has 4 to 5 hairs. During the hair transplant procedure, the transplanted hairs are taken out of the donor side of the head. The hair grafts will be inserted according to what the doctor suggests and the cost of hair transplant will also depend on how many hair grafts you need. For instance, the hair transplant cost in Islamabad for 2500 hair grafts will be 225,000. The cost will increase according to the number of grafts.
  2. Type of Procedure: This is another important factor that has to be considered. There are two types of hair transplant procedures. These are FUE and FUT. FUE is a newer method, takes more time, and is considered more successful which is why it costs a lot more than the FUT method in Pakistan. So, if your doctor recommends you for an FUE treatment then you will be spending more money than you had to pay to get a FUT hair treatment. An FUE hair specialist in Islamabad charges approximately 50,000 more for FUE than FUT.
  3. Area: Pakistan has great many doctors who are highly experienced to perform hair transplant procedures. But the cost is different everywhere in Pakistan. Even within the same city, each doctor will charge a different price. For instance, the cost of an FUE hair transplant in Islamabad will be different than that of what it costs in Lahore.
  4. Type of Doctor: What type of clinic you choose will also affect the cost of treatment. If you hire a specialist to perform the surgery, then he will charge you a lot more than an average doctor. In Pakistan, you can easily find a good doctor within your budget.

Note: If the doctor is expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be good as well. So, choose carefully when you are making your decision as your decision can affect the result.


There are many options for hair transplant clinics in Pakistan. But the total cost depends on several different factors. These factors are mentioned above. So, if you live in Pakistan and thinking of getting a hair transplant procedure then do consider them to calculating the final cost.

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