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High bay LED fixtures for warehouses and industrial facilities


For general lighting in high ceiling areas like warehouses, manufacturing or processing plants, gymnasiums, conference halls, exhibition centers LED high bay fixtures are of general use. These fixtures are essentially used in places with ceiling heights above 20 feet and reaching 50 feet.

Linear high bays extensively cover all the general lighting needs in all such spaces as the energy consumption is high and there are several reasons as to why most business owners are switching to high bay led lighting for their warehouses or manufacturing plants.


Warehouses, factories operate round the clock. Lighting is an integral part of their infrastructure. Efficient lighting is quite necessary in such scenarios without being too expensive to run the factory and it should be able to fulfill all the lighting needs.


Advantages of LED high bay lighting


Here are a few reasons as to why as a business owner you should switch to high bay led fixtures in your facility.


1.  Available in two efficient designs

High bay LEDs are manufactured in two basic designs.

Linear high bay

Round high bay

These are energy efficient designs based on how they function and mainly their light distribution pattern.

Linear high bays distribute light in a horizontal grid like pattern. The light distribution is uniform and in a fixed beam angle so the light from the fixture is not wasted in the surrounding. It is focused unlike traditional fluorescent fixtures which waste 70% of the light in the surrounding and it is not directional.

Round high bays are also known as UFO high bay lights. They have a circular light distribution pattern and are just as efficient as linear high bays.

Despite the difference in size they are available in



2.  Low maintenance

Led high bays are very energy efficient and for large places they have been super beneficial in terms of efficiency and costs. Manufacturing and processing plants extend over a large surface area and basically require a lot of light fixtures for powerful bright light to facilitate the environment. These fixtures are available in 4-8 foot sizes and when using them less number of fixtures are installed per square feet for the fact that they have a wide light distribution pattern.

With longer life spans and durability of LEDs they seldom need any maintenance which reduce running and maintenance costs in the long run.

These lights have reported to have reduced electricity costs by 70% within a year.

3.  Smart lighting controls

High bay led lights are equipped with smart lighting controls which makes them even more efficient in terms of energy savings and function. High bay led fixtures are equipped with smart sensors and dimmable options. Most of them are dimmable by 0-10V. This allows efficient lighting and reduces glare.


4.  Heat dissipation

LED high bay lights have an efficient heat dissipation system; they are designed in such a way that generally very less heat is generated as compared to traditional halogen lamps which produce 70% heat and 20% light.

Being powerful luminaires they do produce heat but dissipate them as quickly and it doesn’t affect their functionality in any way. They start-up instantly.


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