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How Do I Install Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver on Windows?

As the latest gaming consoles have provided us with more advanced hardware and online gaming experience, PC gaming seems to be a downfall. The Xbox 360 is an excellent example of this saga. It beats the PC competition due to packing a greater punch. This greater punch is mainly due to the vast array of wireless accessories that come with the gaming console. Unfortunately, PC gaming has traditionally used a mouse and keyboard for its games, which may seem outdated to some people nowadays. However, all hope is not lost for PC gaming because Microsoft intends to breathe new life into it. Microsoft’s solution to this whole situation was the Xbox 360 wireless receiver, which serves the purpose of an Xbox 360 console and a PC setup. This device is available on Esource Parts for you to pick up on the cheap because we care for you. 

What is The Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver?

This receiver provides a comprehensive gaming experience across both of Microsoft’s gaming setups. Consequently, you can enjoy the identical latest gaming experience on both the Xbox and your Windows PC. The receiver allows you to take the same action on the console and transfer it onto your Windows gaming platform. The device effortlessly integrates with PC platform gaming scenarios and employs the corresponding technology of Microsoft’s console. It is an excellent option for many people because it eliminates the requirements to get additional accessories for Windows gaming.  

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Receiver Connect Xbox 360 Controller To PC – White

  • Provides up to a 30-foot range 
  • Connects up to 4 wireless headsets
  • No need for additional accessories
  • Enhanced comfort feel 
  • Economical price 

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Receiver To PC – Black

  • Provides complete wireless freedom – 30-foot range
  • Connects up to 4 wireless headsets
  • Compatible with Xbox / Accessories for windows
  • No need for additional accessories
  • Economical price 

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, you should invest in these wonderful products sell by Esource. Click to learn more about it!

What is The Extent of Its Functionality?

Ironically, the most remarkable thing about the Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows is its lengthy name. The receiver itself is a small piece of hardware, even smaller than most mobile phones. It has no features aside from the sole button coupled with a green LED and connects to the PC system with a six feet long USB wire. This unique device is specialized to connect with any and every Xbox 360 wireless accessory. It is exclusively compatible with the Xbox 360 wireless controller, the Xbox 360 Wireless Headphones, and the Xbox wireless racing wheel used in racing games. The gaming receiver was ensured to be future-proof by Microsoft, making any future Xbox accessories automatically fitting for the device. Just like the Xbox 360 console, you can use up to four wireless controllers and four wireless headsets on your PC, all at the same time. Alas, the receiver works only on PC systems running Windows 10 at the very least. The rated range of this device is 30 feet, and it should work smoothly no matter how far you’re sitting.

Installing It on Your Windows PC

All of this may sound great, but it easier said than done. Using a wired controller on a PC is effortless because the drivers automatically download themselves for the connection. However, things aren’t as simple for a wireless Xbox 360 controller. This is where the Xbox 360wireless gaming receiver comes into play. To get your controller running, you need to follow a set of guidelines before you can jump into the gaming action. The following are the instructions you have to follow for a wireless connection on your PC:

  1. Connect the receiver into any of the PC’s USB ports. Even though the PC will act like the drivers are being installed, some steps are still left to follow.
  2. Open Microsoft’s official website and download the latest PC drivers for the wireless controller.
  3. Install the drivers. 
  4. Open Device Manager, click on Unknown Device, and choose Update Driver Software.
  5. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option.
  6. Pick from the list of device drivers on your computer.
  7. Choose the Xbox 360 Peripherals and proceed.
  8. Select the latest version of the Xbox 360 Windows controller. If you get a warning message of the driver not being recommended, ignore it and carry on.
  9. Press down on the receiver’s pairing button while pressing the Xbox guide button at the same time. 

This will kick start your controller, and you’ll be good to go. The controllers are pre-configured to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Moreover, the Xbox Wireless Headset is more versatile as it works in all the situations a standard headphone would. It pretty much works with all the PC applications, thanks to the Xbox 360 wireless receiver.

Final Thoughts

The Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver is Microsoft’s answer to versatility as it lets you interchange peripherals between your console and PC. Therefore, it guarantees that you don’t have to fork over a great deal of money for PC-specific accessories. On top of that, Esource Parts makes sure that you can get your hands on these receivers at extremely affordable price points. 

If you have any questions regarding the product or its delivery, contact our sales agent now.  


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