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How much does an SEO audit cost? Aspects to consider – Affordable seo services in lahore

If you wonder how much an SEO audit costs, it is because you understand the importance of it before starting any web positioning project. Therefore, you are on the right track. In this post, you will find valuable information on Affordable seo services in lahore and on all the circumstances that determine the price of an audit.

This phase is essential in order to determine what errors the website has and the strategy carried out, as well as what solutions are the most appropriate to correct possible errors. In short, this is the first brick for your business to start generating the traffic and SEO positioning you want.

Affordable SEO Services in Lahore
Affordable SEO Services in Lahore

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Before delving into how much SEO audit costs, we want to emphasize that there are two types: those that are profitable and those that are useless. There are audits for 100 euros that, due to the tasks that are carried out are frankly expensive, and others that cost thousands of euros and, nevertheless, have an adequate price. For this reason, we recommend that you look at the cost, but that this is never your priority when choosing a professional.

Now yes: how much does an SEO audit cost?

SEO fees in Spain: what do they depend on?
Be wary of those who give a fixed price for all kinds of audits. To determine the SEO budget, a series of circumstances must be taken into account which, with few exceptions, are never the same. These are the points to keep in mind:

Type of CMS and objective of the page

As you know, most of the websites are currently made with content managers. All of them speed up the process of creating a website and improve search engine positioning, but they have different characteristics and complexities.

Therefore, an audit in one type of CMS may be less economical than in another. WordPress, Magento or Prestashop are three of the most popular, but there are dozens of alternatives. Depending on which you have, your price can be one or the other.

On the other hand, one of the most important aspects to determine how much SEO audit costs is the objective of the web. An Affordable seo services in lahore of a corporate website is not worth the same as that of an eCommerce. Moreover, within e-commerce, there are important differences since there are those that sell three or four products and others that, instead, sell thousands of them.

Number of pages and the current situation of the web

Indeed, the more pages the professional has to analyze, the more cost the audit they perform will have . Logical, right? Observing the architecture of your website you can get a rough idea of ​​whether or not this point will increase the price.

Another detail that cannot be ignored is the starting situation. Is it true that a doctor does not give the same treatment to a newborn as to an elderly person or to a recurrent patient? Well, when determining how much an SEO audit costs, this aspect must be taken into account. The work involved in analyzing a new, old or penalty page is very different and this should be reflected in the cost – Networkstrend.

If you have incurred a lot of black hat techniques and Google has punished you for it , you should be aware that you will need to invest a little more money in order to return everything to normal. In these cases, the person or persons in charge must find the errors and, if you hire this Affordable seo services in lahore, propose effective solutions.

Time spent on the audit

Okay, this point is very obvious, but believe us if we tell you that not all customers take it into account. Each professional will determine a cost per hour (40 euros, for example) and the more hours they invest in your project, the more expensive it will be.

The time spent is never a whim of the SEO consultant and is determined by the specific requirements of each project . In addition, it is logical that, the more experience and knowledge you have, ask for a higher economic amount. That is, as in any other sector.

Anyway, although this aspect is always taken into account, there are agencies or specialists that set a fixed price in advance and others that do not.

Number of professionals who will be in charge of the audit

In the line of “time spent” that we mentioned in the previous point, the SEO rate also varies depending on whether several people are in charge of your business or just one. There are SEO consultants that are more expensive than an agency, but normally this is not the case.

Despite this, it must be borne in mind that an audit is key for the online marketing of your business and it is convenient that several people study its points of improvement.

Agencies such as NeoAttack have proven professionals and have multidisciplinary profiles that provide added value compared to a specialist who works alone. We have positioned clients of all kinds in the first results and we are sure that we can also achieve it with you. We will wait for you!

One language or several?

Do you have a hotel with a website in German and English? Of course, your customers will come from all over the world and it is a great decision that you address them in a language they understand.

Of course, in the same way, that it cost you more to create the page, you will also have to make a small financial effort with the audit.

This point affects how much SEO audit costs because there are many more pages and an audit of this type requires very extensive knowledge.

The most important point: number and difficulty of the tasks to be carried out

There are very complex tasks and others that are simpler, as well as projects that require a large number of these and others that, however, are fixed basic Affordable SEO services in Lahore because they are simply going to carry out the most important ones.

Since this aspect is so important to determine how much an SEO audit costs, below you will find a section dedicated exclusively to the most common tasks in on-page and off-page audits. Ready to meet them? We know yes!

Seo On Page tasks performed by an SEO agency

There are countless On-Page actions to analyze in an SEO audit, but we have made a selection of the most important. As we said before, the amount and difficulty of these will depend on whether you have to pay more or less money:

  1. Study of the keywords that you have positioned and keyword research.
  2. Check the architecture and hierarchy of the web.
  3. Indexing of the different pages: sitemap, robots file, etc.
  4. Check the heading labeling.
  5. Possible duplication of content.
  6. Measure the loading speed.
  7. Check the responsive version.
  8. Competitor analysis.
  9. Sanctions suffered by the page.
  10. User behavior.
  11. Usability study.
  12. Analyze conversions.
  13. Image weight, size and labels.
  14. Internal linking of the web.
  15. These are just a few of them, but they have a big impact on how much an SEO audit costs.

OFF Page tasks that include audits by SEO specialists

This part can be more difficult to correct because it does not depend directly on us, but with an adequate audit and a correct link building plan, your website can be very competent.

Meet here the best link building agencies in Lahore

These are some of the tasks that can be performed in an off-page audit and that you should take into account when wondering how much an SEO audit costs:

Quality and quantity of backlinks.
Check the percentage of bidirectional links.
Analysis of the variety of anchor.
Determine which pages are the most linked.
Analyze the authority of the domain and each page with professional tools.

Seo Off Page and Seo On-Page audit: price for your business

We hope this post has been very useful to you and you already know what the cost of this crucial phase depends on for the positioning of your company.

If you want to solve doubts and know exactly how much Affordable seo services in lahore, there is no better way than asking for a budget without a commitment from an SEO company with experience and hundreds of success stories.

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