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How To Expand Your Online Business With OpenCart Mobile Apps

In order to expand the online business in the eCommerce market, eCommerce merchants are applying the latest technological changes. The mobile app is also one of those, the inherent features attract a wider population, and the majority of the worldwide population is going towards it. This way the store admin can also easily connect with the right set of audiences and do promotion of their eCommerce product. The customer also gets aware of the brand they are using and several customization options allow the store admin to perform changes with ease.

OpenCart Mobile App

For all online store owners who don’t have coding expertise and want a cost-effective solution, the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App is key. It also supports all store admin in converting their eCommerce websites into native apps. With limited effort, the store admin will target a wide variety of mobile customers and expand the company’s scope.

Knowband is a well-known developer of eCommerce software plugins and smartphone apps. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder enables eCommerce businesses to quickly expand and boost revenue. It is built on the readymade app concept, so the store admin does not need to be concerned with technological issues. All will be handled by a team of developers that have a lot of experience.

Popular Features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder:

Branded App Solution –

It is one of the most critical features that an OpenCart Mobile App Creator should have because it gives the eCommerce brand uniqueness and enhances its appeal in the eyes of your customers. It’s a must-have feature for any OpenCart Mobile App Creator since it differentiates your eCommerce brand from the competition and makes it more appealing to your target audience. The store admin can select the shopping app’s name, logo, splash screen, and banner, among other things.

Custom Homepage Layout-

It’s now simpler than ever to design the Android and iOS app home screen interface and customize it to your liking. The Android and iOS app home screen interfaces are now easier to develop and customize than ever before. A drag-and-drop feature in the OpenCart Mobile App allows store managers to customize the layout and add different pictures and banners. The Mobile App for OpenCart has a drag-and-drop feature that also helps store admins to customize the layout and include multiple images and banners. Without any coding experience, the store manager can configure the layout and make other improvements to the mobile app. The store manager doesn’t have to be a programmer to customize the look and add new features to the mobile app.

Easy Social Login-

Customers can also easily log into the eCommerce app using the OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder. Customers can now use the OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder to effortlessly connect to the eCommerce app. The Google, Facebook, Email, Fingerprint, and Phone Number (OTP) authentication options make it simple to use the shopping app.

Multilingual And RTL Support –

Many countries/locations will now be targeted at the same time. Targeting several countries with a single app will help in an eCommerce company’s revenue and development. All the languages available on the eCommerce website, also including RTL, are easily supported by the OpenCart Android App Builder. Multiple currencies can also be enabled on the Android and iOS apps by the store admin.

Translation Feature-

The store admin can easily translate the OpenCart Mobile App backend to the desired language. The OpenCart Mobile App backend can be translated to any language by the store admin. It’s easy for shop administrators to modify the names of all the labels. It also has features that are utilized by the store’s admin to carry out all of the tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Easy Online Purchase-

The OpenCart iOS App Maker also allows customers to get more connected to the mobile app. Customers can use the eCommerce apps to enable all of the secure and trustworthy payment and delivery options (available on the eCommerce website).

Simplified Checkout-

A simplified checkout process is included in the OpenCart Mobile App. OpenCart’s mobile app offers a quicker checkout process. It helps in grabbing the attention of customers when they are ready to leave the shopping app. It helps in catching the customer’s attention as they prepare to exit the shopping app. The Android and iOS apps allow customers to complete transactions without having to enter too much detail. Customers don’t have to submit as much information while using the Android and iOS applications.

Automatic Synchronization-

The store admin no longer has to manually edit data or information. This feature eliminates the need for the store admin to make changes in two places. It keeps the shopping app up to date with minimal manual effort. No more data or information changes by the shop admin. This feature saves the admin the trouble of having to make changes twice. It’s a great way to keep the shopping app up to date without having to do anything manually.

Push Notifications-

The store admin can conveniently send customized push notifications to Android and iOS users due to an inbuilt push notification function. A built-in push notification function allows the store admin to easily deliver customized notifications to Android and iOS users.
Also, even if the customer does not have the mobile app opened and their phone screen is off, they will still get the message.

Offline Mode-

Customers can use the shopping app in offline mode even though they have little or limited internet access. Customers can conveniently enter into the eCommerce app and add products to their wishlists and carts. With the OpenCart Mobile App Maker, the store admins to enable the benefit of using the offline mode. Customers with poor or no internet service can still use the shopping app in its offline mode. Users can easily add products to their wishlists and shopping carts by using the eCommerce app. The shop managers can use the OpenCart Mobile App Maker to activate the offline mode.

Customer Chat Support –

Users can interact with store admin 24*7 through the Zopim and WhatsApp chat functions. The Zopim and WhatsApp chat features allow customers to communicate with the store’s admins at any time of day or night. Customers will get their problems and questions answered immediately and in a short period of time with the help of OpenCart Mobile App Creator. With the help of OpenCart Mobile App Creator, customers can get their issues and queries solved quickly.


eCommerce merchants utilize the most recent technology advancements in order to grow their online businesses in the eCommerce industry. The smartphone app is one of them; System administrators can connect with the correct audience and promote their eCommerce product more easily this way. Several customization options allow the shop administrator to make adjustments with ease while also making the customer aware of the brand they are using.

You must have realized by now that the Android and iOS app is a critical component of the eCommerce market. The Mobile App for OpenCart has the potential to push the online store to new heights. Mobile apps help in attracting more consumers to an eCommerce website, and creating a more engaging user experience offers the company a strategic edge. You should reach out to us at support@knowband.com for more details.

About Knowband Store

Knowband is a well-known name in the eCommerce module development business. The business has developed a reputation for offering top-notch development services and effective post-sales support. For platforms like Magento 2, Prestashop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and others, we take pride in offering the greatest plugins. In a short period of time, Knowband has established itself as a Prestashop Partner. We create mobile eCommerce applications, online store extensions, and more.

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