How to Fix Refrigerator Defrosting Problem?

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How to Fix Refrigerator Defrosting Problem? Fridge Repair Service at Your Door Step

You have discovered that your fridge does not defrost. Now what? When you have a fridge or freezer that does not defrost accurately, there are some repair items to check. Leaving a fridge that does not defrost for a long time can create a huge problem. When the ice formed up inside your refrigerator or there are irregular temperatures, the refrigerator defroster may not be working. A disproportion in the temperature of the fridge is caused by the breakdown of the fridge defroster. This can be caused by many things. Do you want an experienced technician to check the problem, contact fridge repair in Pune. All Electric Care is available for you, hire us for home appliances repair.

Here are some of the most general causes of a fridge not to defrost.

Causes For refrigerator not defrosting

  • Defrost Control Board
  • Defrost Thermostat
  • Defrost Heater
  • Defrost Timer
  • Defrost Sensor

Defrost Control Board

The defrost succession is directed by the control board. The board determines how often the defrost succession should work.

If the plate is faulty, the defrost cycle will never start. However, before jumping to update the control board, your pleasant choice is to test the defrost heater and defrost thermostat to look if there is a simple solution. If both the defrost heater and the defrost thermostat are fine, then it is important to be able to replace the defrost manipulate the board.

Defrost Heater:

When this breaks, the defrosting cycles of the fridge stop and turn out to be unbalanced. It can cause unusual a whole lot of the frost on the walls of the fridge. First, disconnect the fridge and disconnect the defrost heater wires. The defrost heater is in the back of the rear getting admission to the panel in the refrigerator/freezer, under the evaporator coil. Next step, take a virtual multi-meter and use it to test the ohms. Place the probes on the heater terminals, one for each. The true range is between 10 and 150 ohms. If you have a thermostat, ensure it is colder earlier than testing.

Defrost Thermostat:

The defrost thermostat tracks the temperature of the evaporator coils in your freezer. While defrosting will switch on automatically in maximum cases, the thermostat facilitates to assist within the process when it ought to turn on and even as it ought to turn off. However, if it has failed, it will prevent the defrosting heater from turning on, which completely stops the procedure. The thermostat indicates no special signs and symptoms while it malfunctions, however you can check its continuity with a multi-meter to find faults. It is a small part, however, even small malfunction can have critical effects.

Defrost Timer:

The defrost timer activates the defrost heater regularly during the day to make certain that the evaporator coils are free from frost.

If the defrost timer does not work properly, it may no longer switch on the defrost heater or boost to the defrost cycle. During the defrost cycle, the heater should activate and the compressor ought to turn off. You can check if that is taking place by manually turning the dial to the defrost cycle. If the timer does no longer spark off the defrost components or does now not complete the defrost cycle inside half-hour, this suggests that the defrost timer is not advancing and therefore need to be replaced.

Defrost Sensor:

If your fridge is simply too hot or cold, it could be because the fuse of the defrost sensor has blown. This is any other foolproof. If the defrost sensor does now not record that the system is getting too warm, the heater will not turn off. To save you additional warmth from turning into a problem, the sensor has a fuse that burns. When the fuse blows, the defrost heater energy is cut off. The defrost sensor has the handiest one fuse. If the fuse blows, the defrost sensor is damaged and it needs to be replaced. Both the sensor and the fuse can be examined with a DMM.

After trying all the above causes if you think you are unable to solve the problem, you can contact fridge repair in Kolkata or Pune. We at Doorstep Hub Providing all types of refrigerator repairs at your Doorstep.

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