How To Get The Best Prices For Packaging Supplies?


Purchase department in every manufacturing unit invest a considerable amount of time trying to find the best prices for shipping wood crates, gusset bags, corrugated boxes and all sorts of other shipping supplies. They consider it a worthwhile exercise because all the packaging and shipping supplies are ongoing requirements of any manufacturing unit. Some sourcing teams manage to strike the best deals while others not so exciting deals. How do you get the best prices for packaging supplies?

It does not matter what kind of packaging product you are required to purchase, whether it is gusset bags or bubble wraps, the sourcing team should not start directly by sending the quote requests to the suppliers. It is important to gain clarity on one’s own needs. Your sourcing team should have a clear understanding on the nature of the supplies you need, the quantity of each packaging product, the quantity you need and the frequency at which you need to purchase your packaging supplies.

We have a reason in encouraging you to start by understanding your requirements. When you try to purchase your packaging supplies in wholesale quantities, your wholesale suppliers will have their own minimum order quantity requirements. Only when you meet the minimum order requirements of your suppliers, you will be able to get the wholesale prices. At times, you may need to club your orders to meet the MOQ requirements. Moreover, when you have a high volume order you are likely to have an upper hand in the price negotiations. Your suppliers are likely to give you better deals taking into account high volume long-term business with your company.

Just because you may need to meet the minimum order quantity, you cannot go for a large volume orders because you could end up facing storage issues at your facility. There are also storage related damages that one needs to be cautious about. There are packaging supplies companies that are ready to take blanket orders for the entire year and release the products at preset intervals. This way, they get the assurance of regular orders and at the same time, you also do not have to worry about storage issues.

Do not forget to take into consideration shipping costs. There is a tendency to source one’s packaging supplies from international destinations under the presumption that it would bring them huge savings. What most customers do not understand is the fact that they are likely to incur huge shipping and handling cost besides facing numerous other challenges in procuring the required shipping supplies such as quality related concerns and delivery related challenges. You could avoid most of these issues by sourcing locally and also save on huge shipping costs. You will learn that it is not worth taking the risk of sourcing your shipping supplies from another country when you actually compare the quotes.

Select a supplier that is committed to offering you the finest quality packaging supplies at the most reasonable prices.



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