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Lifestyle Habits That Induce Premature Grey Hair Growth

In the history of worst-kept secrets, grey hair always comes first. This is something inevitable and you just can’t skip this phase of your life like your YouTube ads. With age, you have to embrace your greys but if they come to you early, you must know that something is going wrong. You can pick any hair color to conceal your grey hair any day but you must know the possible reasons behind your premature grey hair growth. There can be many reasons behind this and today we’re going to bring them to you. Know the real culprit behind your premature grey hair growth and some of the frequently asked questions on this topic by most people in this article.

What can cause premature grey hair growth?

1. Stress:

Stress is something that none of us can avoid really. Most of us stress about something or the other occasionally. But, if you’re experiencing stress in a much regular manner then that can affect your appetite and sleep schedule. It is also capable of inducing anxiety. All of these combined, affect your hair health big time. It can result in premature greying. If you’re going through these problems then you can try meditating or aromatherapy. 

2. Avoiding Oiling:

Remember how our grannies and mums would insist we oil our hair regularly? At times, they would even go to an extent of forcefully giving you an oil massage when you were young. Well, guess what? She did it on purpose. Oiling your hair helps release sebum which prevents your scalp from becoming dry. Massaging helps increase blood flow that keeps your hair healthy. This prevents premature grey hair growth to a greater extent. Oil to not spoil your hair.

3. Too much sun exposure: 

We all are very well aware of the harmful reactions of the UV rays on the human skin but what we often tend to forget is that these rays aren’t really good for our hair either. Staying out in the sun for prolonged hours can cause premature greying of hair and also dryness in the scalp. Therefore, if you cannot help avoid the sun, you must carry a scarf to cover your head or use an umbrella

4. Smoking: 

Most people smoke these days despite knowing its various harmful side effects. It’s not only bad for your respiratory system but also your hair follicles. They get damaged very easily if a person smokes and this directly results in premature grey hair growth. Hair follicle houses the pigment cells of your hair and when that gets damaged, your starts turning grey, white, or silver.  So it’s better that you quit smoking for the ultimate good. 

5. Using Hair Care products with chemicals: 

Haircare products that have chemicals in them can damage your hair instead of caring for them. All of us do love a good hair color that gives you a good makeover but it can damage your hair to a greater extent. Hair coloring frequently can also cause greying of hair. If you’re using the hair product then this can be a possibility. But, with the right product, you can never go wrong. Use the OG Godrej Expert Rich Crème, available in various shades with no ammonia and harmful chemicals in it. This humble fits perfectly in your budget and is also harm-free. 

6. Having an unclean diet: 

All of us are very well aware of the fact that it is important to have a clean diet to remain fit physically. But, truth be told, a good can diet can also help you have glowing healthy skin and hair. You need to consume the right vitamins and of course gallons of water to have healthy hair growth. This also helps in delaying the growth of premature grey hair.

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FAQs regarding Premature Grey Hair Growth

 Q: What causes grey hair?

 A: When the cells with pigment in our hair follicles die the melanin content in that strand of hair is reduced which makes it turn pale into a silver, grey, or white tone. Earlier, it was believed that this phenomenon can only occur with age but that myth has been broken, and now we all that anyone can get grey hair at any age. 

Q: What is the average age to go grey?

A: As we mentioned earlier, modern-day dermatologists suggest that you can start greying at any point in your life. Some start greying in their twenties and for some people, it can also extend up to their forties. Although, the average age for your grey growth to commence is 30-35 years. 

Q: Why do I have grey hair at 25?

A: In the above section, we have talked about how our lifestyle impacts our hair health and induces premature grey hair growth. But, another thing that you must also remember in this case is that early greying of hair can also be merely a genetic affair. This is something that probably you and I don’t have any control over but this can surely be the culprits behind your greys that give you blues. 

Q: Should I pluck grey hair?

A: Well, it’s totally up to you if you wanna get rid of your greys or embrace them but in case if it’s the former then you must take a few mental notes. Plucking out your grey hair doesn’t help anybody; it can traumatize your hair follicle on the contrary which results in bald patches. You can chop off your grey strands carefully or use hair color on them to conceal them. 

Q: Is it possible to never get any grey hair?

A: This is not really a feasible idea. Most people start greying from their thirties and continue henceforth. Although, in some cases, your grey hair growth gets stalled after some nine or ten strands of hair. But, that’s really it. 

Q: Can hair coloring make your hair go grey faster?

A: It’s high time now that we break the ice and bury this myth deep down. When we apply hair color it doesn’t affect the hair follicle which is the main seat of your hair melanin. Therefore, it can never really induce premature grey hair growth. 

Premature growth of grey hair can be related to many things but changing a bit of your lifestyle can help you stall their pace. Many of these are simple changes that can also help your health to improve in general. Things like having a clean diet, drinking enough water, and avoiding prolonged hours in the sun can help you in many ways. Grey hair can be concealed in many ways but embracing them could also be a way out because beauty does truly lie in eyes of the beholder. Although, if coloring your hair gives you some confidence then go for it without any second thoughts. Do what makes you happy and lead a stress-free life as much as possible because stress can also be the harbinger of your grey hair growth. Indeed, your greys aren’t really reversible but there are a hundred ways to turn them out in your favor now. Grab a pack of your favorite hair color today and style your hair as you like. Godrej Expert Rich Crème offers a wide range of ammonia-free hair colors at a pocket-friendly budget which is best suited for Indian Skin-tones. In case you’re looking for a good product to help you with your grey hair, you can rely on us and give this a shot. 

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