Live resin vs rosin

Compared to other options for cannabis concentrate, live rosin is a cleaner and more organic solution. Live rosin unlike live resin is made without the use of any solvents. Instead, heat and pressure are applied to fresh-frozen cannabis buds or hash to complete the production process. The full-spectrum extraction process is done solventless in order to preserve the full terpene profile allowing for the cleanest and truest expression of the cannabis plants natural aromas and flavors.
Live rosin is especially popular among health-conscious consumers because of its solventless characteristics. It is completely free of any lingering chemicals, which makes it more appealing for many who wish to consume in a cleaner, more natural way. However, live roisin is quite thick and sticky, and might in such form need specific instruments for consumption. Its texture is difficult for most standard vaporizers to handle and so, a dedicated dab rig or rosin-specific vaporizer is advised in order to experience its intricate flavour profile and full breadth of effects.
Both live rosin and live resin constitute special offerings for anyone who appreciates the art of cannabis. Live rosin adopts a completely natural full-spectrum approach that will attract purists who will be keen to invest in this, and the equipment needed to take full advantage of it.

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