Mobile Kitchen Emergencies – When to Call for Food Truck Repair


You worked hard to achieve your dream of owning a food truck business. You have a reputation for fantastic food, but things may go differently than you’d like. Foodservice appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and fryers can wear out over time. This can cause a loss of revenue and lead to unexpected trips to the repair shop.

Overheating Engine

When your food truck’s engine overheats, it can seriously damage your vehicle. The good news is that you can prevent this by keeping up with preventative food service maintenance. If you notice the temperature gauge on your vehicle rising, find a safe space to pull over and shut off the engine. Please turn off the air conditioning and turn the heating to the maximum so that it pulls heat away from the engine. This can help keep the temperature down until you can check it at a repair shop. Having routine maintenance conducted by a professional at Go Home Port can ensure that your appliances are working correctly. This will help to save you the cost of unexpected repairs and downtime for your business. This can also keep you on the road for longer. Contacting a food truck repair expert to conduct these preventative maintenance services is best.

Damaged Wheel or Axle

When you’re driving a food truck or trailer, it shouldn’t be a surprise that your wheels and axles could get damaged occasionally. With so much equipment and movement, your truck is constantly putting its wheel or axle at risk of hitting potholes or getting hit by another vehicle. With proper maintenance, however, your wheel or axle should last longer. If you hear any clicking or rattling noises from your vehicle, this is a sign that it’s time to call for food truck repair. These sounds can mean something is loose and could cause a bigger problem later. When disaster strikes, it takes more than fire trucks and ambulances to save lives. It also takes emergency food services equipped to bring delicious, healthy meals to affected evacuees and first responders.

Damaged Transmission

Like any other vehicle, food trucks require regular maintenance and auto repair. Failure to keep up with these routine tasks can lead to costly repairs, resulting in lost revenue and an extended downtime for the business. One of the most common food truck repairs is a damaged transmission. When this happens, the vehicle will experience grinding and rattling noises that could be dangerous for the driver and passengers. Call a food truck repair company immediately if you notice these symptoms. Keeping your food truck or trailer in good working order is crucial to the success of your mobile catering business. Performing periodic visual inspections and scheduling food truck maintenance services can help you save money on unnecessary repairs and increase the longevity of your business.

Burning Smell

While the open-air quality of food trucks adds to their charm, it also makes it hard for them to keep sanitary. If you notice a burning smell from the kitchen, it could indicate an appliance is overheating or food isn’t being stored properly. Additionally, if you see an overflowing trash can or smells rotten, that’s a big red flag. Food safety officials require that food trucks stay on top of their solid waste to avoid attracting pests and to keep their venues contaminant-free. Finally, if you see a sink full of dirty dishes or an entire cabinet filled with food debris, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for your barbacoa nachos. Food truck kitchens should have a dedicated sink for hand washing and a three-compartment sink for utensil cleaning, not a single sink overflowing with pans and who knows what else.

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