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Recruiting in the modern era requires applicant tracking system

Recruitment technology, in general, and applicant tracking system, in particular, have evolved considerably over the past few years. In the last few years, social media and digital technologies have revolutionized how businesses and individuals interact.  An efficient recruitment funnel that can sift through large pools of candidate profiles and identify top candidates is needed.

Today’s businesses have very different needs from ten or even five years ago when it comes to applicant tracking software. As hiring organizations and HR departments increasingly emphasize the quality and speed of hires, modern applicant tracking software has become a critical tool for achieving a company’s strategic goals. Conventional recruiting strategies have become outdated and ineffective. The use of older traditional methods to communicate with potential candidates may turn them away from the top talent you really want. It is imperative that your recruiting software capabilities are up-to-date and that you pay close attention to your applicant tracking system if you want to continue to attract the best candidates.

Free software for tracking applicants includes the following features

There is no software required for most applicant tracking platforms since they are cloud-based. The platform can be accessed simply by connecting to the internet.

Recruiters can connect with social media networks using most tools that integrate with social media. You can now follow and keep track of the status updates and profiles of applicants.

Smartphones can easily be integrated with most free applicant tracking platforms. By using their smartphones, applicants are able to submit their applications more conveniently, increasing the reach of their application process.

Recruitment processes are monitored and analyzed using applicant tracking systems. Metrics can help businesses determine which areas need improvement and develop strategies to further improve their recruiting processes.

Applicants tracking systems offer the following features:

  • Follow up on the applicant
  • Automatically select candidates
  • Job seekers should inform of their status
  • Produce a report about applicants
  • Find out the status of a particular Jobseeker’s selection
  • Check the profile of the applicant
  • Two resumes should compare
  • Comparison of resumes with job postings
  • Jobseeker selection rounds: rate them
  • Screen, interview, and select

Integrating the system is easy

Your applicant tracking system should be able to integrate with your applicant tracking system if you have one. Make sure you know what resources the applicant tracking software vendor offers for integration and if they are in writing. An applicant tracking system contract should not bind you to the fact you have to figure out how to integrate it with your company’s HRIS or website.

While size, ease of use, social media integration, and job posting are important, applicant tracking software should also consider from a candidate’s perspective, including how it impacts their experience. Taleo, for example, has a great deal of functionality but is notorious for its buggy job application process that drives applicants away. Cost/benefit analyses of the top one to two applicant tracking software products you select will help you narrow your selection to ensure you get the right applicant tracking software for your organization.


What we looked for in an applicant tracking system

All other software categories were evaluated using the same rigorous process. It took Yousef several weeks to research the market, test out key applicant tracking features, and publish his insights into these tools in the applicant tracking category.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of each applicant tracking tool, Yousef signed up for free trials of each solution listed above. During these trials, he verified which features each solution offered. During his testing, he spent hours assessing each tool’s recruiting, tracking, and onboarding capabilities. In order to understand the mobile experience for small businesses, he also downloaded a mobile application for applicant tracking.

Streamlining applicant data and establishing a workflow:

Setting up a workflow that managers can use to screen candidates through phone calls, interviews, tests, and assessments, as well as conducting background checks, is the next step in recruitment. You can store all of this data for future reference. You can use an applicant tracking system even when the applicant has not selected the position. A list of unsuccessful applicants can then be made to help you decide which applicants to consider in the future.

In addition, the data collected by an ATS can be fed into an HRMS or HRIS, which eliminates the need for manual data entry. It also reduces the possibility of making errors. Another way an ATS can help you is to coordinate all this data and make it available across departments and levels of employment so that recruitment decision-making is simplified.

It’s all about the format of your resume!

The recruiter does not always have to read your resume line by line and as-is when you upload it to a website. As a result of ATS systems, resumes are ‘read’ as digital profiles that are pre-trained to read them. Thus, the recruiter is likely to miss reading almost entire portions of the resume!

Features and functionalities of the applicant tracking system

Recruiting employees for your growing company can be a labor-intensive procedure. For companies that are strategizing for recovery, recruiting software solutions like TAM offer a way to streamline recruitment, onboarding, and hiring in a way that maximizes your human capital. Choosing an ATS with analytics and filters to address economic downturns or periods of high or low unemployment can boost your company’s ability to attract high-quality, hard-to-find talent, irrespective of how the job market is faring. Even small to mid-sized businesses have replaced old-school processes and paper resumes with technology solutions.

Solutions for posting jobs

As the job market advances, it is important to stay ahead of your competitors in order to gain the best employees. A unique feature of our job posting solution reduces your efforts to find the best talent for your job openings.

In this case, both walk-ins and telephone interviews are bulk-hiring methods where candidates can use as their helping hand.

Maintaining an application list

The best quality applications enhance your performance and reduce the time spent hiring. 

With an ATS, recruitment teams can collect the best potential applications from multiple sources such as career websites, email applications, aggregators, job websites, and referral applications. For targeted job openings, recruiters can further use best matching applications.

For your convenience, you can manage all applications within the demo ats in one place to avoid trouble. Additionally, you can also track the status and schedule of applications.

A database of personalized resumes

In order to recruit successfully, efficiently, and effectively, you need your own resume database. The majority of recruiters maintain their own personal database to close their job openings faster and reduce hiring costs.

RecruitBPM provides recruiters with a resume database management system to support their needs. Managing the permissions for accessing your resume database can manage as your resume database is confidential and restricted to your account only.

The database within the organization

In addition to hiring the right people, it is important to retain top talent. Candidate tracking software allows you to analyze the CVs of potential candidates and store them in your database. Applicants can contact without having to search for the best candidates and screen them out. Besides saving you time, this will also expedite the hiring process and help you find the right candidate. In addition, the staffing software allows you to collect insights regarding past actions. So, you can improve your hiring methods the next time around.


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