The best face masks

The best face masks


The skin is a very particular organ, it is not only the largest in your body, but it is your armor against all external factors. The skin of your face is exposed daily to the sun, rain and pollution, in addition to a number of cosmetic products and face masks that serve to reduce its deterioration and aging, you must give it deep and constant care.

One way to take care of the skin on your face is by applying masks that will help you not only repair it, but also keep it hydrated, soft and young .

Advantages of homemade face masks

In the market you can find several face masks that will help you maintain beautiful skin. However, there are few cases in which you can unequivocally know if the product was made under the standards that satisfy you (in terms of toxicity, health, preparation, experimentation, etc.).

Therefore, we think that homemade masks are an excellent option. Among the greatest advantages of homemade masks we have to:

  • You make sure that the ingredients you are applying to your face are totally natural
  • You know exactly what benefits it brings to your skin
  • You have transparent preparations without toxicities
  • No one will do it with more love
  • Preparation Before Any Mask

Before applying any mask, regardless of your skin type, you must make sure that your complexion is prepared so that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of the care that you are about to give to your face. Learn more about face mask

Remove makeup and clean

Whether you are going to apply a mask or not, this step should be a sacred habit in your days.

We know that many times, after a long day, we prefer to go straight to bed, because we think that the ritual of removing makeup or cleaning requires a lot of time and effort. In these cases, please remember that in reality it will not take you more than 5 minutes which, in the end, are a moment in which you dedicate all your love to yourself. You can clean yourself quickly and easily (as long as you have the right products) and your skin will thank you tomorrow.

Give yourself this short time to pamper yourself. The only thing you need is: clean hands, a little cleansing milk (that does not alter your pH and, preferably, is made with natural products) and a piece of cotton or a pomito. If you use waterproof or long-lasting makeup, make sure you have the specific toners to be able to cleanse your skin without damaging it.

Start with a gentle movement from the inside out and upwards, in this way you will contribute daily to the toning and firmness of your face. Remember that this is one of the most sensitive parts, so the movements must be very subtle.

You must be especially careful when removing makeup from your eyes. Simply soak a cotton ball and place it for a few seconds on the closed eyelid. You shouldn’t rub or scrub, just wipe it gently to pick up eye and lash makeup.

Remember that, even if you have not put on makeup, you must perform this cleansing step to prepare your skin before applying any mask. To clean your makeup removed you can use a very mild soap, baby soap or oatmeal, and rinse with warm water.

The face masks your skin will love

Now, let’s get down to business. We are going to show you the best masks so that, depending on what you want for your skin, you can choose the best one for you. We are going to talk about four types of masks: moisturizing, exfoliating, to combat spots and imperfections and to combat wrinkles and dark circles

Moisturizing Masks

Moisturizing masks help you nourish and keep your skin radiant since they not only prevent the dermis from losing its moisture, but also help stimulate the natural process by which the blood provides the amount of water necessary for the skin to be healthy.

Top 3 moisturizing masks

1.  Strawberries and honey:

Take 4 or 5 ripe strawberries and puree with a fork. Then add a tablespoon of honey and mix well. When you have the paste, apply it on your face and leave it to act for 20 minutes. Finally, remove it with cold water. Both strawberries and honey soften the dermis, nourishing it and stimulating the production of collagen.

2. Banana

Prepare a ripe banana puree. Then, gently apply this paste on your face avoiding contact with the eyes. If your skin is dry, you can add a little honey to the mixture. Leave on for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Your face will instantly feel smoother, since banana contains a large amount of antioxidants and manganese that protect the skin and leave it younger and hydrated.

3. Cucumber

For this mask take a cucumber, cut it and then crush it until you get a kind of paste. Spread this paste over your face and let it sit for 15 minutes to take effect. Finally remove it with cold water and you will see your skin fresh. Cucumber has a good content of vitamin E, water and natural oils that serve to hydrate it and fill it with vitality.

Exfoliating masks

Exfoliating masks help to clear your skin, rid it of impurities, acne and blackheads, removing all accumulated dead cells to provide greater smoothness and shine to the complexion. The exfoliation activates the microcirculation of the area and allows the skin to carry out its cell regeneration process in a correct way to show off a more oxygenated and youthful dermis. Any treatment you do after an exfoliation will work much better, since it will be able to penetrate the dermis in a better way.

Top 3 Exfoliating Masks

1. Almonds

Take 2 almonds and grind them until they are reduced to powder. Next, mix this powder with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply this paste on your face with gentle circular movements and leave for 15 minutes. Finally, remove it with warm water. Almonds have a high content of vitamins A, B and E, and of proteins and minerals that help nourish the skin, providing elasticity and leaving it very soft.

2. Calendula and oats

First, you must boil 5 calendula flowers in half a glass of water. After the water has cooled, take 4 tablespoons of rolled oats and dip them in until you see them sponge. Once the flakes are puffed, put the oatmeal on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. After that time, massage the skin gently and, finally, remove it with warm water. Oatmeal is an exfoliant that has the property of gently extracting all impurities from the skin and calendula water as well as helping to tone the skin, it is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce acne.

3. Coffee

All you have to do is take some face moisturizer and mix it with coffee grounds. Apply this mixture to your face using gentle circular movements, let it sit for 20 minutes and remove it with warm water. Coffee is not only an exfoliant that removes dead cells, but it is a lipolytic, that is, it burns fat and, therefore, helps fight cellulite, so you can use this mask for other areas of your body such as legs and thighs.


Masks to combat spots

Blemishes on the face can appear due to different factors, from sun exposure to natural skin aging. These masks are ideal for you if you want to reduce the appearance of spots, and avoid the appearance of more.

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