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The Importance of Product Photo Editing For Ecommerce Business


Within the last two decades, the world has experienced a dramatic evolution of modern technology. The Internet, which is the precious gift of modern technology, has become available mostly in every part of the world with tons of facilities as well as product photo editing services. 

Now doing business is easier and its scopes are increasing due to the eCommerce Business.

If you’re making a plan to start an eCommerce business, you need to have your product photos.  Those photos should be edited very professionally to attract customers to buy or order your product. That’s why product photo editing comes as an essential part of marketing.    

Without knowing the significance of photo editing for your product image, you will not be able to get properly into the track of the eCommerce business. There are so many things in image editing of products that may surprise you about how you missed this vital part for so long.  

What is Product Photo Editing?

Modifying and improving an image by using software is called image editing. And an image that needs to be edited for the purpose of eCommerce is called eCommerce image editing.   

Ecommerce is now the most growing field of business based on the web platform buy & sell and product marketing. This has already been an extremely competing arena for years. That is why you need to be perfect all along the line to overcome the crazy competition. So Making your products look attractive and better than your competitor is a must-doing job.

In such a situation, firstly you need to have high-quality photos of your products. In Photography, post-production tasks actually begin from here. 

Ecommerce image editing is a set of the following actions:

➤Cropping & Resizing

➤Color Balancing 

➤Removing Background

➤Removing unwanted spot from product

➤Ghost mannequin effects

This editing process is remarkably significant which actually determines the future of your business. We will talk further in the last portion of the article about how important photo editing is to run an eCommerce business. Now we’re going to discuss the photography post-production services and why those are necessary to operate an eCommerce business/online store.  

Photography Post-production functions

Photography post-production functions are the key steps of product photo editing. Here we are going to focus on these steps and explain how to do these steps professionally.   

Cropping and Resizing

If you have any online shop/store or even a Facebook page by which you operate your business, you always need to upload photos of your products there. Those photos have to be of good quality for sure and you need to be concerned about the image size, file size, and format.   

After taking high-resolution photos with a powerful camera, it usually comes with a large size along with a big image file. So you have to resize the image according to the requirement of the eCommerce platform where you want to upload. For example

Amazon product image requirement- 

  • 1000 pixel image size (Minimum)
  • Uploading file size: 10Mb
  • Acceptable format- JPEG,TIFF,PNG,GIFF

eBay product image requirement- 

  • 1000 pixel image size (Minimum)      
  • Uploading file size: 12 MB
  • Acceptable format- JPEG,TIFF,PNG, GIFF

You may need to compress that file to upload to meet the image file size requirement. Also, you may need to crop images to get the necessary portion you want to take. That means cropping images allow you to cut any specific area of images you need. Then you can use that one for showcasing your product. 

So, without cropping and resizing, this is really challenging to upload product photos to your eCommerce site. 

Background removal

Background Removal

Background removal is another vital part of photography post-production. After taking an image of any product you can’t present it to your customer without a clean and professional background. So you may have to change the background. Choose a background, your customer can have a proper look at your product.

The white background is commonly used for e-commerce product photography. Because white background helps to create a clear and real look of the product. 

  • Amazon →  Pure white color background
  • eBay      → Any color between light grey

Meanwhile, if you can freely upload your product photo on other platforms without any requirement then one thing you should follow carefully. Product color and background color shouldn’t be the same. That will ruin the clarity and visibility of the product.

Product photo retouching

Photo Retouch

Product photo retouching is one of the most important parts of image editing. All The flaws of the image are removed by retouching. Some photos need professional editing to remove each and every error or fallacy. So this is a very serious type of professional editing. Professional retouching can give you some magical facility to make a perfect look of your product.  

Color correction 

Color correction is the key to professional editing which really helps to increase the beauty of an image. An appropriate color correction is definitely needed to make your product photography fruitful. Adjusting hue, saturation, vibrance, and color sharpness can extremely make an image attractive.

By manipulating the colors of an image you may get the perfect look that you want. You can even change the color of your product.  

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Maniquine

The ghost mannequin effect is the crucial one for the apparel eCommerce business. Ghost mannequin effects create the human body-shaped outlook by which customers can visualize how the clothes or shoes look after wearing. 

Customers or buyers always prefer to visualize clothing products, And it looks attractive and stimulating to order. So, ghost mannequin effects are very crucial for the apparel commerce business.  

Why is Product Photo Editing Important for eCommerce businesses?

Photo editing has now become the most essential part of marketing for the eCommerce business. Without editing the image of products, this is very challenging and difficult to attract customers. So, you must know the reasons why photo editing is essential for an eCommerce business. 

Worldwide most prominent eCommerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay generally outline guidelines for product images to maintain a general and clean look of product images. So visit those e-commerce sites, have a look, and analyze the product photos. If you can maintain their standard while listing your products, obviously there is a chance to get more orders. 

So, here we are going to discuss why photo editing is so important for eCommerce and what are the benefits that you can earn by doing professional photo editing of your products: 

Brand Impression

Photography post-production always helps to create a brand impression. Professionally edited and well-furnished product photos tell the inner story of an online store or shop. So, if you want to make your enterprise a brand, skipping this part would be a huge risk for you.

In the era of digitalization, people rely on online stores that can present their real images of products. Without photo editing, you will not be able to showcase your products to customers. Even if you present your business product to them without professional editing, it would be difficult to continue online marketing.  

Surviving in competition 

One thing is sure, without photography post-production it would be difficult to continue online marketing in such a highly competing eCommerce business. The competition is getting harder day by day. When all of the business rivals are presenting their product photos after editing so professionally, how would you survive and compete with them unless you take proper measures to stand up?

Boosting order and sell

Skipping the photo editing part will make it difficult to attract your customer and stimulate them to purchase or order your product. Always keep one thing in mind that a photo speaks more than a thousand words. If you want to boost your selling by creating an impression on your prospective clients, obviously you have to edit your product photos. It is vital for you to retouch or edit photos to draw customers’ attention. In the end, you can boost order and sell. 

Product image gets realistic 

Your customers do not have any way to touch, feel or check the product from the eCommerce site. They have to make buying decisions by only seeing the product from the photo you will provide. For this reason, they want your product to look realistic. A slight touch of post-production in your product image can enhance the overall look and make it realistic.  

Meet customers expectation 

As eCommerce buyers expect to get the best product, you have to make them understand that you are showcasing the real photos of your products. And you are giving the best effort for it. So they can rely on you and order your product without any hesitation. To do all this process and meet customers’ expectations, take photography post-production services to ensure quality product photos.

Final thought 

As the field of eCommerce business expanding so quickly with extreme competition, you need to focus seriously on editing photos of your product. Unless it won’t be possible to convince the customers to buy or order your products. Make sure you are following the best eCommerce business strategy.

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