The Visual Tools for the Perfect Social Media Manager

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There are many tools that can facilitate the work of a social media manager and it is important to know them to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

These are tools of all kinds, it is good to underline it! However, we will focus on the various visual tools for social media managers, going to list and suggest those that it is impossible to do without.

Paper and pen in hand, therefore Corporate Video Production Companies In Dubai, because these tips that we are about to give can be very useful to better manage your work and optimize time!

Visual tool for social media managers: which ones to choose? 

Many, many are the tools available to a social media manager. Moreover, it is useful to remember that this profession requires different skills on various fronts and it is important to have allies at your disposal who are able to simplify life and work!

The creativity is, without doubt, the daily bread of those working in this area, but the simplification helps to achieve better results.

Let’s see, therefore, up close some trump card that you can play to get respectable visual strategies, always new, fresh and in the target.


Let’s start immediately with a visual tool useful for those who have to create small graphics for Facebook posts, Instagram or blogs and much more. Attention, we say it immediately: this resource certainly does not replace professional graphics programs, but it is still a very valid tool to consider.

Canva is also available in the app version for iOS and, recently, also for Android and this makes everything even more useful and easy to use.

It allows you to save many projects (it has both a free and a premium version, for a fee) and, moreover, it uses the images of Unsplash, Gratisography, Pixabay and other resources of this type.

Of course, it is not 100% complete, but on many occasions it can save the life of a social media manager on the verge of a nervous breakdown!


Those who work mainly with Instagram know that it is important to take care of different aspects and develop a real visual strategy.

You have to create and share interesting content, but you also have to program and manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Here, therefore, that in this case a resource like Onlypult can be very useful.

If you work on different accounts, you have the possibility to manage and update them at the same time, but not only: you can also upload images from the desktop and this is a function that, even on its own, is worth gold for those who do this job.

We also report the statistics system, which allows you to create excellent reports.


Another useful resource is, without a doubt, Planoly. It is a resource to better manage your strategy on Instagram because it allows you to plan posts on this platform that does not have a native function of this type.

Also this tool, like Onlypult, also has other features to be discovered and exploited.


A very useful resource for those who have to create GIFs in a simple way and without complicating life! Makeagif.com, from this point of view, is a really useful program, very functional and allows you to go and create nice GIFs, much used in the visual strategies of many brands, starting from images, videos and more.

Visual tool: conclusions

These are some of the most used tools to develop an excellent graphic strategy on social networks. After all, we know: talking also through images is very important, because it allows you to catch the attention of the possible customer, the reader or anyone who interfaces with this type of content.

That’s why having always at your disposal useful resources to create and plan small graphics or posts of this type is essential.

Moreover, among the many tasks of the perfect social media manager, there is also that of being able to find the best tools to do your job better in order to create valuable content.

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