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Computers and Technology

Top 2 spy software to spy on a personal computer 2020

The idea of spying is not new, but at the start, it was mostly used illegally. Hackers hacked someone’s secret data without their permission and misused it. But in this advance era, spying software is sold openly because there are some conditions to use them. Like guardians and owners are legally allowed to buy spy/ surveillance software providing secret protection to their loved ones and workers.

There is always a threat to parents and employers that the kids and employees do not waste their precious time on useless activities on PC. To spy on PCs there is software available that is compatible with every version of PCs.

Now in the market, we see many spying software competes with each other. Suddenly, the software brings innovative changes and becomes on top. But two software’s which has successfully maintained their strong position in the market because of their unique services. Both provide special packages and plans for Windows PC spying.

These two leading software’s are TheOneSpy and OgyMogy. Let’s discuss both undetectable and reliable software in detail.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software


It is the most reliable software that works smoothly with all versions and models of PCs.  It preliminary indicate the users about dangers, so the user could prevent their people from anything harmful. TOS sharp tools detect every information from the targeted PC and transfer it to the user’s cloud account without any gap.

TOS facilitates users with activities reports, 24/7 service, a money-back guarantee, a special discount, and many other free extra services. TOS windows, compatible features work in 100% stealth mode and in real-time. Let’s discuss some advanced features of TOS for Windows system monitoring.

Features of TOS for Windows Monitoring

TOS unique and powerful features are its strength which makes the user more confident.

  • User – Friendly Reports

A user can get well informed by all activities performed on a targeted window by the targeted person.

  • On-demand Screenshot

It empowers the user to capture a screenshot of any activity of your kid or employee.

  • Offline and Online Tracking

TOS’s best thing is that when the internet gets off, it still tracks all activities. When the internet gets connected, it automatically delivers all information at users’ online portals.

  • Website Blocking

TheOneSpy empowers the user to stop the functionality of any inappropriate site remotely.

  • Mighty Alarms

A user can fix alarms on specific activities performed by the targeted person.

Featured Services Provided by TOS for PC Monitoring

  • Sent & Received Emails
  • Keystrokes
  • Visited sites
  • Visited Applications
  • Alarms
  • Surrounding Recording
  • Camera Bug

Pricing of TOS Windows Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy offers only premier packages for windows systems.

TOS Windows monitoring software

  • The 1-month package cost is $40.
  • The 3-month package cost is $60.
  • 6-month package cost is $80.
  • 12-month package cost is $110.


Home page OgyMogy

OgyMogy is outstanding software which empowers the user with prior information about any secret activity of their teens or employee. A user can prevent their loved one or employee from doing inappropriate activities and keep them on their track as well. It shows the outcome in the form of improvement in productivity and a safe future as well.

Sometimes kids get addicted to playing games or watching sexual or violent content or starts sharing their private information with strangers, which later becomes a danger for them. Only parents protect their kids from such situations by monitoring their all activities on time.

Features of OgyMogy

With OgyMogy a user can

  • Get history reports.
  • Take instant screenshots.
  • Set mighty alarms.
  • Block inappropriate websites.
  • Monitor all activities in real-time.
  • Read all incoming and outgoing mails.
  • Track all activity logs.
  • Get all keystrokes.
  • Monitor all browsing history.
  • Listen to live surrounding voices.
  • Monitor social media activities.

Pricing of OgyMogy Windows Monitoring Software

OgyMogy offers Windows compatible software in three packages.

  • The basic Package monthly price is $15.
  • Standard Package 6-month price is $65.
  • The extreme package 12-month price is $130.

We concluded that the TOS and OgyMogy are the best to spy on PC. A user can use any of them to fulfill their spying needs successfully and lives their life without any worry. They will bring more innovative features to more conveniently facilitate their loyal users.

Angela Smith

Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works

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