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Top 5 ways to Utilize Augmented Reality in Your Marketing Strategy

Augmented Reality is a growing trend in the market and sales plans, and it enables brands to offer their customers a unique experience with the ease of tapping their mobile phones.

An average person uses Smartphones in a daily routine. These become an integral part of our lives by interacting with our favorite brands and making purchasing decisions. AR offers another tool that would help drive sales and improve brand value with mobile devices.

1. Let Customers Try Before They Buy

we have seen that Potential consumers always preferred to try their products before buying them. Such as beauty products, car test drives, and many other similar examples that state this sales technique’s effectiveness. AR Increased the shopping experience, and now it is one of the emerging trends in the retail sector.

Augmented Reality allows the customer to try their favorite brands and products like makeup, clothing items, and a wide range of routine-based home-related items without visiting the store or directly interact with them. AR ejects the need for a broad physical inventory to enable consumers to try or sample dozens or even hundreds of products in pursuit of the one that best fits their needs.

The cosmetic sector is excited and showing its interest in the Augmented Reality. Brands like Sephora, L’Oréal has tied up partnerships to allow their customer to see how the makeup looks on them digitally. Augmented reality apps are most valuable for online sales plans involving cosmetics and other sectors.

2. Augment Reality Touring And Assistance

Augmented Reality provides companies the ability to apply a digital element to their physical locations and products. Customers could scan an item or object for an AR experience customized to provide additional product details or different brand-related experiences.

For these purposes, the AR applications extend in various industries and markets. For example, there is a sales ticket company that has created an AR application that allows people to view a 3D display of the stadium in their devices when they buy their tickets. They can visualize the field and seating arrangements so they can easily choose the right seat for them.

Starbucks also shows their interest in the AR to alter the traditional method of touring to the virtual tour of their coffee shops digitally. Users have to scan the object to access a virtual tour.

3. Augment Reality Branding Materials

AR can take the marketing patterns to the next levels, like business cards and brochures, by putting a virtual component. Users can scan printed materials with their m mobile phones to access the variety of features that provide them more knowledge and ways to get in touch with the brands and products.

For example, a user can scan a flyer or brochure in the right place to bring a video highlighting some feature of the information being transmitted, adding a dynamic component to the static text on the flyer. Alternatively, a business card could use AR to offer the number of contact options that enable the user to get in touch with a single tap, either by email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or by phone call.

4. Create A Buzz Around The Brand

Augmented Reality can be part of indirect marketing and sales plans. On the other hand, some augmented reality focuses on direct strategies for smoothing the sales process. AR is also used to boost the status of the brand itself.

Creating a novel, unexpected or exciting augmented reality experience can lead to a significant buzz for a product if properly executed. AR is a relatively new thing for most peoples, meaning that a well-designed Augmented reality experience will make people talk and create lifelong memories.

Most people desire the product that keeps them glad and satisfied. That type of experience and goodwill can provide a company with long-lasting benefits.

Uber has also jumped into augmented Reality, building AR experiences for their riders and producing more than one million YouTube views.

By implementing such tactics, businesses will produce huge amounts of money in earned media. In a competitive market, the AR Campaign can be that point of difference that enables a brand to stand out from its peers and build a sustained discussion and recognition of the name.

5. Leverage Augmented Reality For B2B

Augmented Reality is always ready to serve and can alter the B2B customers and vendor experience in different ways. The B2B sales procedure is still a distracting part as there is a tug of war among the customer expectations and the limitations by the vendor’s side.

Here is the question that arises is the vendor able to provide them and meet customers’ requirements. Augmented Reality can develop essential improvements with the complete chain of the sales procedure.

One of the most significant areas AR can enhance B2B sales is creating energetic sales presentation material. The outdated model used arm sales representatives with brochures and flyers, and maybe with a PowerPoint presentation.

Contrast that with a sales force armed with a digital device that allows them to access personalized augmented reality apps featuring a virtual 360-degree view of their product categories. It’s simple to see which sales force has the high ground.

AR can enable their customers to interact and see their favorite brands in a detailed way as they want to see them. A high-level overview of a short inspection of a single element’s customers is allowed to do that.

Augmented Reality has brought the product to the meeting room tables. Augmented Reality allows the customers to access the greater knowledge of the product that would help decision-making.


Augmented Reality is more than creativity and the new thing in the market. It stands alone in the market as one driving force behind the sales and marketing revolutions for the coming future. Many companies are providing Augmented Reality solutions to customers. Cubix is one of them. Using Augmented Reality in your businesses will help you in building the experience of your customers. That will lead you towards sales and new business opportunities.

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