Types of Truffle Boxes That Impact on the Client Positively

truffle boxes
truffle boxes

Chocolate is something that is loved by everyone. But there are many types of chocolates in the world, and everyone’s preference is different. Those who make chocolates try to introduce new flavours to the clients, so they do not get bored. Among all this, one that is quite famous is chocolate truffle. They are small in size and have a unique taste and look. So, it is important for the manufactures to pack in a manner that its delicacy remains the same. Keeping in mind a special box is introduced, which is called truffle boxes. These are the boxes that come in different shapes and sizes. But they look so good that it makes the chocolate look yummier.

In this article, you are going to learn about the types of boxes that are used to pack chocolate truffles. So, if you are looking to get the box, you able to make a choice easily.

Silver truffle boxes

Silver truffle box doesn’t mean that the box is made by using silver. It gets this name because of the colour of the box. It is a box in which you can get any size according to the need. Moreover, it is a box that is mainly used when you have to present a chocolate truffle to someone as a gift at the wedding or any other special occasion. To make the box look more beautiful, you can even add ribbon on the box. It is a box in which there is no need to print any extra design, as its bright silver colour is enough to amaze the people. The only thing you have to consider is to pick the right company because the making of this box needs skills and technical knowledge.

Kraft truffle boxes

Kraft is material that is lighter in weight than other materials. Also, it is a box that offers flexibility in terms of designing. It is not wrong to say that it is a material that is more suitable to pack chocolate truffle. These chocolates in many different flavours, so you can easily pick a different colour for the box. Also, if for the client ease you want to the right on the box about the flavours, you can do it without a problem. You can get a box with a window on it, so the client is able to see what is inside. It makes them more excited.

truffle boxes
truffle boxes

Custom printed truffle boxes

It is a box that is mainly used for the advertisement of the company. On the box, the manufacturer of the chocolate, print the logo of the brand and some other information about the chocolate. Such as, the ingredients that are used to make these chocolates. It is something that is quite beneficial because if clients like the taste of the chocolate, they will definitely like to buy it again. So, when you make a box by printing a logo on it, it becomes easy for the client to find you among other brands. It is also important to choose the colours that are attractive, so the one who is planning to buy some other brand focus on your box more.

Sleeve truffle boxes

These are the boxes that are also not heavy in weight, so even if you deliver the chocolates somewhere far, you don’t have to worry about paying extra shipping extra cost. It is a box that is quite similar to the customized box. It gives you many other different options, which make this box more demanding.

Things to consider while getting a box

  • Since you are related to the food industry, so it is important not to take any risk at the time of choosing a packaging company and a material. Make sure that they are using material that is not harmful to the chocolate truffles, and also, it didn’t affect even a little on the quality.
  • Try to hire a company that uses the best ways to print a box and use colours that look attractive and perfect.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of box you are using; you have to make sure that it is strong enough to protect and hold the product properly.
  • Make sure to deliver clear information to the packaging company, so they are able to deliver you the boxes that are perfect.

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