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Digital Marketing

What Are The Techniques and Strategies Of Viral Marketing?


You often find that a sudden spike of traffic arrived at your website when you check the insights.  You inspect the reason and wonder where this huge traffic came from. Isn’t it true? What if you can reflect the same result on your website whenever you want? You can know more about digital marketing by registering yourself at Digital Marketing Courses in Pune This post will cover the amazing techniques and strategies of viral marketing that can help you to expand the reach of your business.

Seriously, It’s one hundred per cent possible to generate outstanding leads and traffic with the help of amazing appealing content .which can be shared by the people voluntarily. Organic traffic can be easily created on daily basis.

To make this happen viral marketing comes into the picture. Viral marketing is a technique of influencing the target audience and it also provides brand promotion through those target audiences. This type of marketing is also known as word-of-mouth marketing, which means spreading words about your website to reach a broader audience. Viral marketing is one of the branches of digital marketing.

These are some of the techniques and strategies of viral marketing:

Giveaway schemes revert leads

Giveaway is a new way of targeting and developing potential customers. In simple words, a giveaway is a great way to take people’s attention to your business and create a high conversion rate. People love freebies. Make use of this and provide your clients something for free because your existing clients have a lot of potentials to market your products and services. Giving something valuable to your customers will help to build brand awareness and generating leads.

Social Media Influencers can do wonders

Influencers are the best way to make your business go viral significantly. Such people can make viral everything they use: Shoes they wear for the gym, their car, the coffee they drink daily, the perfume brand they use, etc. Have you ever noticed that even an ordinary thing can go viral if it is absorbed into the name of a celebrity or influencer? People believe that celebrities use only the best products and brands. For example, Puma always collaborates with celebrities in creating viral videos.

Provide discounts to win customers

While putting products on your website, you can provide two buttons on each side of the product. The first button will be “Buy Smartphone” and another will be “Buy Smartphone with flip cover and get discount” and mention the price of discount. Along with this, you can also put a sharing pop-up for the later button. If someone wants to purchase the product with a discount, a pop-up window will appear with sharing button enabling the buyer to share the product with his friends to proceed further.

Grab people’s attention through the quality of your content

People are surrounded by a huge amount of content every second they use over the web, whether they are using a mobile or a laptop. To grab their attention instead of scrolling down your campaigns, you just require to have an immediate attention-seeker that freezes them in their tracks.

Visual elements in your marketing content can create next-level attraction. Beyond that, you need to put your targeted audience before your content that instantly translates as funny, attractive, inspiring, bold, or something in between.

As an example, the 2019 campaign to make an egg the most popular image on Instagram was highly successful because of how hilarious and weird it was. There was no reason or rhyme to it,that is what put people in to ‘like’ the picture.

Start viral marketing as soon as possible

It is always a good way to start viral marketing campaigns for your business as early as possible. As we know that viral marketing is a great way to develop traffic and convert sales of your business. Why wait? Start a viral marketing campaign hard and fast and win a greater fan base with the quality of your content.

Most people use these viral marketing strategies to grow their businesses, however, some fail to consider the important steps. Things like not having a proper plan or goal for your giveaway are a showstopper from the beginning. Remember, the freebie provided to your customers are not just an act of giving, it is a complete system. The system to guide your customers to the desired goal. Otherwise, what is the importance of giving freebies?

You always have a chance to learn more about digital marketing through Digital Marketing Classes in Pune Find the best guide for yourself and take valuable knowledge from digital marketing experts.

Keep the messages simple

All the viral content has something in common: their message can be wrapped up within a short phrase or sentence. It’s is not a good idea to have more than one ‘call to action’, nor should it be overarching as these things can divert the mind of the audience. and create confusion into the mind of consumers, and reduces the impact of the content.  Having a small message can make it more effective and easily approachable.

The entire content should be simple and understandable. There are certain rules you should keep in mind while sharing content over social media:

  • Don’t overload your text with extensive hashtags
  • Keep your videos as short as possible, ideally 30 seconds
  • Content should be simple yet creative

Promote your business through Reddit

Reddit has been one of the prominent community-based news aggregator sites in the world and certainly can be a strong web marketing tool for your business if you can make it to the front page of Reddit, where millions of people can see the content. To get featured on the front page of Reddit, you should be aware of the Reddit front page algorithms.

Here are some alternatives which can bring huge traffic:

  • Build a large community and increase the upvotes on your stories to get featured on the first page of Reddit.
  • Use Reddit’s social button to make your community more engaging.
  • Schedule upvotes from your community can increase the chance of being feature on the first page.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best techniques and strategies of viral marketing, which is quite popular amongst businesses these days.

Quickly conceptualize the methodologies you have studied in this article. Firstly, you saw the importance and significance of the giveaway. You came to know about how ordinary things can transform into viral elements once they get accompanied by influencers or celebrities. By now you have got an idea of how important discounts are. Quality content can help your business expand its presence online.

A simple, crisp, and short message behind your content can create a larger impact on your targeted audience than a huge complex paragraph. Viral marketing has great potential to increase the reach of your business. you just need to start implementing the strategies and techniques of viral marketing as soon as possible. It’s never too late to start Digital Marketing Training in Pune The world of marketing is evolving day after day. New methodologies and ideologies are evading your business growth strategies each day. Start utilizing the given techniques to increase the overall traffic on your website and


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